Prominant YouTube prankster roman Atwood is raking in the views on his latest video, in i m sorry he leads his girl friend to think that their child has died in a fiery explosion. If that appears callous, this isn\"t even the very first time Atwood has actually used his son\"s death as a prank.

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The Washington Post reports the the victim of the prank was roman Atwood\"s long time girlfriend Brittney Smith. The object of the prank to be to to convince his girlfriend that her 3-year-old son Kane to be the victim of a damaging ATV accident.

The full video clip of the prank, in i beg your pardon Atwood switches his boy out because that a dummy prior to sending one ATV to jump off a ramp and also explode, is easily accessible below.

Smith is visibly disturbed as she watches her toddler explode, however when she operation to shot and help him, she sees the it was every a prank.

\"It\"s not funny,\" an infuriated Smith says to Atwood, that agrees, however covers his mouth to avoid laughing. \"That is not funny.\"

Then Atwood changes his tune. \"It\"s sort of funny,\" he insists, and also earns himself a absent from Smith.


roman Atwood\"s girlfriend, Brittney Smith, is visibly distraught throughout his recent prank. She speak him that she\"s done, and also not come touch her, but this isn\"t even the first time Atwood \"pranked\" she by pretending to death their child.

As formerly reported by the, Atwood pretended to throw his son off a balcony critical year.

That prank started much the exact same as this one, with Atwood\"s girlfriend arriving to find Atwood playing v then-toddler Kane. The kid is pull on in a Spider-Man costume, and also when Smith leaves to acquire him a glass the water, Atwood switches his child out because that a dummy.

When smith returns come the balcony, Atwood appears to litter their child to his death.

By this point, you\"d think that Atwood\"s girlfriend would certainly have determined the pattern. But maybe that\"s just the price of having a YouTube prankster favor Roman Atwood in your life.

By all accounts, prank videos prefer these are large business because that YouTube, in spite of the human misery they may or may not create. The video clip where Atwood appears to throw his child off a balcony was uploaded in November of critical year, and also it has clocked practically 35 million views.

The prank whereby Atwood\"s kid shows up to punch up on an ATV has only been on YouTube for about three days, and it\"s currently closing in on 9 million views.


Pranks prefer the one whereby Roman Atwood pretended to blow up his child are huge business. Videos like these are monetized through advertising, and also Atwood has most likely profited handsomely indigenous pretending to kill his child. Although there is no means to identify Atwood\"s specific YouTube earnings, the Washington Post reports that Atwood\"s channel could lug in $100,000 every month top top the high end.

That\"s good money if you can make it, however the prank video competition ~ above YouTube is fierce. According to Tubular, 152,000 YouTube contents creators have actually racked increase 6.3 billion see in the prank comedy category over the critical year.

Atwood\"s videos, including the 2 where that pretended to kill his kid, have racked up end 1.8 billion views, and he isn\"t also the most renowned prankster top top YouTube. The title belongs come SoFloComedy, which had actually 511 million see in September that this year alone.

Some YouTubers traction \"pranks\" top top random world they fulfill on the street, or even police, with predictable outcomes. Others, favor Atwood, have no problem pranking his loved ones.

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The one thing they have in usual is that people love to clock them.

Do girlfriend think it\"s ideal for a dad favor Roman Atwood to make money pranking his girlfriend about the fatality of your son? and if you were Brittney Smith, would you stick around to have it happen a third time?