Khloé Kardashian (center), regulation Roach (left) and also Christian Siriano (right) will certainly serve together judges because that a fashion architecture competition, hosted by fast fashion brand Shein.Getty Images

Is Khloé’s recent gig a fashion faux pas?

On Wednesday, Khloé Kardashian announced she partnership through Shein, the Chinese retailer who affordable garments are lover by Gen-Z and ubiquitous ~ above TikTok.

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The good American co-founder will serve as a judge because that the brand’s Shein X100KChallenge, a new design competition, together celebrity stylist law Roach, designer Christian Siriano, previous J.Crew exec Jenna Lyons and InStyle layout director Laurel Pantin.

Emerging developers will obtain a opportunity to victory a prize of $100,000, along with a possibility to be featured in Shein’s Fall/Winter 2021 online fashion showcase.

But like numerous fast fashion retailers, Shein —which adds practically 1,000 brand-new items come its inventory daily, with many costing less than $10 —has to be accused of copy the job-related of smaller designers and artists.

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And pan made their feelings well-known in the comments of Kardashian’s post. “Is this a joke???? after shein knocks off tiny designers,” one human wrote, receiving nearly 2,000 likes.

“Shein is one of the many unethical fast fashion brands,” another said. “They steal draft Khloe. Please don’t promote them,” a third chimed in.

Yet an additional person discussed the impact of low-priced, trendy styles on our planet, writing, “Fast fashion is negative for the setting —not cute.”

“Shein takes these issues very seriously and respects the intellectual property legal rights of artists and designers. We have policies and also procedures in place to monitor and also swiftly rectify any type of issues,” a representative for the firm told web page Six Style.

“Shein X, is an incubator program that was occurred to specifically support tiny independent talents and also give them chance to flourish their revenue streams, acquire exposure, and tap a huge Gen Z audience across the globe. The judges who participated in the Shein X 100k an obstacle support emerging, little and live independence designers and also we room all excited to see their designs and also creativity pertained to life ~ above the show.”

Fellow judges Siriano, Roach and Lyons also faced criticism from their followers after ~ posting around their authorized in the project. The “Project Runway” designer just announced he’d be deleting the negative comments, when Roach wrote, “My tribe please simply watch this as soon as it airs and also you will check out why I pick to perform this!!! i promise you will certainly be proud the me.”

“Happy for you because that the partnership, yet it had to Shein?!?!?! They’re ripping off so numerous indie designers, not to talk around the impact on nature and also who to know the conditions of the workers….,” one pan of Zendaya’s stylist commented.

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Lyons, meanwhile, pointed come the main point mission behind the design competition. “The factor I participated – if you space interested – is becausethe ENTIRE process was draft to assistance young designers, and every one of the contestants were incredibly talented, passionate, and also deserving the a chance at win 100k,” she wrote.

The trendsetter resorted to turning off comments, and also asked her followers to “take a look at and also see what girlfriend think prior to jumping to conclusions,” including that “everyone deserves a 2nd chance.”