On critical night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, our A plot to be Kendall’s attention in ending up being publically political; ours B plot was Kim’s desire to have a third child; and our C plot was Kris Jenner working to preserve her mom legacy. Because this illustration was filmed the summer before Kim’s robbery, it’s hard not come look at the episode with really bleak eyes. Still, that comforting to see our favorite family members use your platform for good. In honor of Kim, #LEGGO.

Scene 2:

Professional babysitter Kim Kardashian West takes she ward, Jonathan Cheban, to Khloé’s home. Khloé is mesmerized by Kim’s significant shrinking figure and also decides the she needs to have a baby to obtain a tight belt and broad hips choose her sister’s. You know, the herbal way. Kim and also Jonathan both agree the this is what Khloé requirements to do, i m sorry is the perfect time for Khloé to tell them that Kanye West has already agreed to offer Khloé one of the couple’s save on computer embryos. This is the first Kim has actually heard of together an arrangement and also promises Khloé that if she walk in fact end up carrying her embryo, Kim will steal the eventual baby. Khloé doesn’t understand why Kim wouldn’t want her to raise the child, especially because Khloé considers their family members to be a wolf pack that communally raises children. Kim would allow Khloé to be a surrogate for her, in the occasion she cannot physically carry another child. Khloé does not agree come this. This scene to be filmed on July 14, 2016.

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Scene 3:

Special guest star Kendall zener takes her mom, Kris, and also her mom’s boyfriend, Corey Gamble, to record a video clip with Will.i.am. Kendall’s interested in getting affiliated with something political and about being request to be a component of Will.i.am’s “Where Is the Love” video clip remake in response to the increase of gun violence. Kendal takes this really seriously, and also stares deeply right into the camera, lip-syncing for she life and also gun-law reform. Ns imagine the last time she looked so deeply and also emotionally in ~ something was as soon as she asked Ryan Seacrest come let her out of this KUWTK contract.

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Kris takes photos of her kid at work, and also though we didn’t view it ~ above film, to be a part of the video clip as well. This scene was filmed ~ above July 13, 2016.