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Others tried to suggest out the Perry’s hoax may have been poorly executed and brought increase the truth that she has previously announced her assistance for Black stays Matter:

So, does Perry’s confusing effort at humor make she a racist? go dropping a couple of dollars on some T-shirts median she is under for the cause?

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Even despite she showed up at the Met Gala looking favor Satan’s cellphone tower, Perry most likely isn’t the devil. Maybe she simply doesn’t understand just how protective black people are that Obama. Ever since the authoritarian with skin the color of a highway cone ended up being president, any shade around the previous commander in chef is instantly unfunny. Comparing her old hairstyle come the presence of the first black president might be the apex the celebrity narcissism, however it most likely isn’t an indicator the she hates black people.

There more than likely aren’t a many of people who monitor Perry for she intelligence and also wit. She is a multimillionaire white woman that warbles to 15-year-old white girls because that a living, for this reason she probably has no idea that black America is a tiny sensitive around the Obamas. Maybe she no a racist. Perhaps she’s simply an asshole.