It"s to be formally annouced by autumn Crittendon that the "Where space They Now?" one-of-a-kind featuring the season 5 girls will air on January 4th at 8/7 central time ~ above MTV. In stimulate to catch you up on what"s to be going top top in the resides of the 12 girls that this season adhered to (and to remind you of that they also were) I"ll write-up this article.

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There space a ton of girls to cover, therefore I"ll it is in making two articles on two different days come ensure the you"re no bored the end of your mind when reading about these girls" lives.

The an initial post consists updates on Maddy, Autumn, Millina, Arianna, Summer, and Karley. Enjoy!

Maddy Godsey


You"ll remember Maddy as the teenager who gained pregnant native a one night stand. Maddy and Cody hooked up after conference on Facebook, and 9 months later, their daughter Aubrey to be born.

Cody didn"t have actually much to carry out with the kid, and also Maddy ended up relocating in through her father a tiny ways away.

~ above the reunion, Cody hadn"t stepped up, and wanted a paternity test to prove the Aubrey to be his child.

Since filming ended, Maddy has actually passed all of her GED tests. Cody quiet isn"t affiliated in his daughter"s life, and a pair of sources tell united state that Maddy wasn"t going to film for the one-of-a-kind if Cody was featured.

Maddy is tho living v her father and also does not at this time have a boyfriend. She"s plan to to visit college sometime in the future.

Autumn Crittendon


Autumn and pot-loving boyfriend, Dustin struggled to type things out on their illustration of 16 & Pregnant, and eventually Autumn ended up filing for child support so that Dustin would keep up his end of increasing their son, Drake.

Since filming ended, Autumn discovered out the Dustin had actually cheated on she while they to be together. The two broke up, yet are attempting come co-parent for the services of your child.

Autumn and Dustin are both working, and also even though they"re no together, they seem to carry out a good job of keeping the drama between them turn off of society media.

Drake just celebrated his very first birthday, and everyone was approximately for the celebration.

Millina Kacmar


Millina was the girl v the addict mother and also the boyfriend who"s mom had seizures and also strokes. There to be a lot of drama, and eventually her boyfriend, Trevor, requested a paternity test for their son, Kayden.

The results came earlier that he to be the father, and things seemed to form up, however there to be still lot of of drama to walk around.

Millina said on the Life ~ Labor special that she left Kayden with Trevor"s mother for half an hour and she couldn"t handle the baby, for this reason she hasn"t watched the child since.

Since filming ended, Millina"s had a most stuff walk on. She mother, that was a drug addict, saw rehab, and ended up dating a guy in the very same facility together her.

She is now pregnant and also expecting a small girl, that will be Kayden"s aunt.

Millina opened up up online around some of her experiences together a teen, and revealed that at 14 years old, she acquired pregnant and also ended up having actually an abortion.

She likewise revealed that after Kayden to be born, she got pregnant again due to the fact that of a birth control failure, and also ended up having actually an ectopic pregnancy.

Arianna Hazel


Arianna to be the one through the boyfriend named Maurice the made the rain dollar bills on she at the Life After job special.

Anyway, she struggled with the fact that her boyfriend wasn"t manning increase to help financially assistance her child, and ended increase kicking him the end of the hospital after ~ their boy was born.

Arianna insurance claims that Maurice is not connected in your son, Aiden"s, life at all.

Since filming ended, Arianna was arrested for posession that marijuana, and also has had actually some other amazing things happen. She mother offered birth come a daughter, and also it seems like they"re still functioning on sorting the end their relationship, yet remain close.

Arianna still claims that Maurice isn"t associated in Aiden"s life, and she chose to not film because that the brand-new special, however instead choose to execute a skype session to avoid problems with Maurice.

Arianna"s family members suffered major loss as soon as her step-brother was eliminated in one accident earlier this year, and also the household is quiet trying to kind things out in relationship to that, which additionally played a component in her an option to no film.

Summer Rewis


16 year old Summer ended up marrying she baby"s father, D.J., shortly before the birth of their son, Peyton.

Summer"s mom struggled through pill addiction, and also often flaked out on Summer and also her three sisters.

Summer ended up moving Peyton and he had actually some issues with his breathing, so he to be transported come the NICU where he remained for a while.

Since filming ended, D.J. Has actually been recorded cheating top top Summer a number of times. The two room still legitimate married, although they"re attempting come take their time before jumping right into things again. D.J. Has actually a task where the makes care packages because that soldiers, and also he travels a lot, but spends nearly all of his time at house with his son. Summer"s mom ran away because that a while and also didn"t call family, however has since been found. Summer"s younger sister, Dani (a.k.a. Pookie) is likewise currently pregnant, which way that the teen pregnancy bicycle has continued for this family.

Karley Shipley

Karley was known for offering birth to pair girls, Amayah and Amariah, through husband Tony top top her illustration of 16 & Pregnant.

points at her home were crowded, and adding a couple babies to the mix really resulted in issues. Tony became irresponsible and also buying a truck rather of sustaining his kid, and all hell broke loosened for a while.

Since filming ended, Karley and Tony purchase their very own town home, however ended separating native each other for a breif duration of time before getting earlier together. Karley made decision not come film because that the new special, but did movie a brief Skype session together an update on her life.

She was diagnosed v PPD after her youngsters were born, and is currently receiving aid for it via medication. She seems to be doing better now, and things v Tony seem to be functioning out.


What an interesting picture

What an interesting snapshot of Millina. Also, it"s a little nuts that she had an abortion at fourteen but opted to carry a pregnant to ax a mere two years later. That"s crazy. I"ve never ever been pregnant or had an abortion (duh), but if i did ever pick to terminate a pregnancy, climate I would certainly do every little thing in mine power not to obtain pregnant again until I was absolutely ready to treatment for a child. Though considering that her parental are, it"s clear making an excellent decisions isn"t in Millina"s genes.

Love the photograph of Squawking Macaw. I recognize Maurice is a douchebag, however Ariana kicking him out of the hospital room due to the fact that he wanted to host their child was stupid. Yeah, he"s not doing whatever he"s an alleged to be doing, yet Ariana wasn"t, either. She was bragging around getting stuff because that the baby, yet the only reason she had that shit was since her friends and family bought it for her. She didn"t do anything herself but sit on her green-haired ass and complain. Bitch required to take numerous seats. What a hypocrite.

The others, meh. Take or leaving them. Also, Megan, fall recently defended an eleven-year-old"s selection to parent and also told the civilization that an eleven-year-old mother/father have the right to make an excellent money by mowing lawns and also babysitting. More than likely not enough to warrant a mention, but just evidence of exactly how ridiculous a most these girl are.

How deserve to you actually have a baby and also not recognize that girlfriend can"t probably raise claimed baby v lawn mowing money?

Actually mine husband and I own a landscaping firm and we have actually a pair workers who support their family members just fine. We typically pay in between twelve and also fifteen dollars one hour though. I"m also not familiar with his specific case and also if he"s simply one the those truck and trailer varieties although they deserve to still make very an excellent profit considering they don"t have actually near the expenses we perform with payroll taxes and gas expenses for equipment.

These girls sound simply as messed up as our Teen mom girlses! It"s probably finest if castle don"t get more MTV money to spend on god to know what...

Call me mean... However after spring at this girlses photos I"m kind of wonder why anyone wanted to impregnate them

(Besides SUmmer) ns think it"s a poor pic of Millina. However yea Maddey, Karley, dragqueen arianna, mccaw...teen boys will stick your dicks in anything ns guess.

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With friend on this one, summer is yes, really pretty (if she avoided the eye makeup she provides would be even prettier).I additionally think this are poor pics of lock cuz once Arianna has straight & rainbowless hair (those colors to be awful) and also no wrinkles doesn"t look that bad.