More 보다 four years after the ex-wife the Righteous brothers singer bill Medley to be raped and killed, public representative announced they supplied DNA to recognize a doubt in the slaying: a man who was eliminated by police in 1982.

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Singer invoice Medley the "The Righteous Brothers" attends an event with his mam Karen Klaas, circa 1969, in Los Angeles.Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images
LOS ANGELES — much more than four decades after the ex-wife of Righteous brother singer bill Medley was raped and also killed, officials announced Monday they used DNA to recognize a suspect in the slaying: a guy who was killed by police in 1982.

Los Angeles ar Sheriff Jim McDonnell said investigators think Kenneth Eugene Troyer to be responsible because that the January 1976 slaying of Karen Klaas.

The 32-year-old was struck Jan. 30, 1976 together she went back to her residence in the Hermosa coast neighborhood, was sexually assaulted and also strangled through her pantyhose. She never ever regained consciousness and also died a couple of days later at the hospital.

Singer invoice Medley the "The Righteous Brothers" attends an event with his mam Karen Klaas, circa 1969, in Los Angeles.Michael Ochs Archives / Getty Images

Investigators supplied a controversial DNA testing technique, well-known as familial DNA, to compare a sample the DNA that was built up at the crime scene and also were may be to determine a "first-degree relative" that Troyer, Sheriff"s Capt. Steve Katz said.

Officials would not recognize the relative and would only say the sample they offered was in a state database of convicted felons.

The technique, which has actually raised ethical concerns in the forensics community, enables investigators come search law enforcement databases to recognize likely family members of the person who may have committed the crime. Regulation enforcement public official have suggested the an approach can administer investigators with beneficial leadsmba.

"Because the the familial DNA search, detectives to be able to attach Troyer"s DNA and also positively confirm his identity as the killer," McDonnell said Monday as he stood alongside Medley and more than a dozen other legislation enforcement officials. "Familial DNA find is the just reason Troyer was identified in this horrific crime."

Troyer, who had actually been suspected of committing several other sexual assaults in California, to be shot and killed by police after ~ escaping native a California jail in 1982, McDonnell said. As investigators started to hone in ~ above him together a possible suspect critical year, they were able to attain a sample the his DNA that was held in the Orange ar coroner"s office and also conclusively attach him come Klaas" slaying, Katz said.

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The arrest brought closure come a household that has actually struggled with questions for decades, Medley called reporters in ~ a news conference Monday.

"It"s been something we"ve been hoping for and speculating about for 40 years and all of a sudden they say, "We obtained him and also here"s who did it,"" Medley said. "It"s just nice to be able to close the publication on this."