When Karen Beasley experienced the have to preserve and also protect the Sea tortoise nests and the nesting females and hatchlings along the 26 miles of shore on Topsail Island she want to take it action. Karen and also a group of other volunteers began the Topsail tortoise Project.

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Topsail turtle Project

The mission started as a few volunteers but has blossomed right into the sizable procedure that the is today. Founded by Karen Beasley, her dream to be reached and also included tasks noted by volunteers such as walking the beaches in ~ night staking the end the nesting sites and also overseeing the hatching of the eggs. Only after Karen’s fatality in 1991 go her mother Jean Beasley take it over and also she still continues to be at the helm today.

After Karen’s at an early stage death, her mother, Jean Beasley, lugged on she dream as the executive, management Director that both the nesting program and also the rehabilitation center.

The dream the a rehabilitation facility was realized v the tireless initiatives of the Beasley family; your financial support; the assistance of the job members; and the generosity donations of money, time and material from neighborhood residents, businesses and visitors.

After break ground in may 2010, the new Sea Turtle facility facility in Surf City, NC opened up its doors top top November 7th, 2013.

After year of working in a crowded, cramped 900 square-foot space, caring for up to 40 turtles, the center moved into its brand-new 13,000+ square-foot building.

The Origins:

Back in 1996 a small group of specialized volunteers with the Topsail Turtle task stood top top an north lot in Topsail Beach. The group shared a dream…. They had the possibility to treatment for an injured sea tortoise who came to be called Lucky.

Lucky was the sea turtle that pointed the means to the require for a ar in north Carolina for sick and also injured sea turtles, who compelled long hatchet rehabilitation.

Lucky was cared because that with numerous TLC and was able come be returned to the wild. The concern then was where would other sick and injured sea tortoise in need of clinical attention walk for treatment and care?

Thus the dream of a location on Topsail Island to administer that sort of sanctuary for sea turtle in require was born.

In 1996 the town of Topsail coast generously available to lease a small lot on financial institutions Channel to the group for such a facility.

The arrival of hurricanes Bertha and also Fran placed the plan on hold, yet the dream lived on. Ultimately in the spring of 1997 it showed up that plans might be placed in activity again.

Three phibìc Carolina sea tortoise who had actually spent the winter in ~ Sea people of Florida were because of arrive earlier in phibìc Carolina in mid-june. Castle would require a place to walk for care and also treatment. Can the group handle it?

With a resounding “Yes!” plans sped up and by June 19th an the end rehabilitation area was ready to get Karen, Corey and the renowned local favorite, Huffy.

As the summer the 1997 passed volunteer were busy caring for the injured sea turtles while surveillance the beach for swarms each morning and making sure that infant sea tortoise made that safely to the water each night.

Each work in the background to be the beautiful song of hammer and saw. Building had started on the Karen Beasley Sea tortoise Rescue and also Rehabilitation Center. The dream to be a action nearer come reality.

Support for the task was overwhelming. Donations were generous. Local service did your part. It was all coming together. Over there were pond biting time to be sure, and also days when every little thing seemed to go wrong. Yet things kept moving forward.

In October 1997, operations moved right into a new 900 sq. Ft. Facility whereby air and water temperatures are preserved sea turtle warm.

Thanks to every those who have supported the building effort, and also to those who proceed to support the operation costs; and to the dedicated people that have operated so tough supplying and also staffing the center. The dream has become a reality.

For more information call: 910-329-0222 or visit: https://www.seaturtlehospital.org

Rescue center Mission Statement:

The conservation and also protection the all species of maritime turtles both in the water and on the beachThe rescue, rehabilitation, and also release of sick and injured sea turtlesTo inform and educate the public concerning the plight of all sea turtles and also the hazard of your extinctionTo carry out an experiential discovering site because that students that biology, wildlife conservation, and/or veterinary medicine from roughly the world.

The Karen Beasley Sea turtle Rescue and also Rehabilitation facility is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. Your taxation deductible contributions are much appreciated.

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Karen Beasley Sea tortoise & Rehabilitation center Offers Tours:

If you’d prefer to visit the facility and also take the tourism you must recognize that you might need to wait in a line as these tours are very popular.

While lock love to educate and also inform the public their main purpose is to often tend to the needs of the tortoise in your care. This takes a most time and dedication – for this reason the minimal hours for these tours and the potential wait times.

Directions: located at 302 Tortuga Lane, (Mainland) Surf City. Take the rotate from Rts. 50/210 top top Charlie Medlin drive (Shipwreck point Mini Golf is her landmark because that this road.) follow the road onto the gravel section and through the round-about. Their is the only building on Tortuga.

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A word the advice: if friend park top top the side of the roadway beware of the drop-off right into the ditches, and also that sand is softer 보다 it looks!

General admission: $5 (13 & up); Seniors and Military: $4; kids $3 (12 & under).