Ready come wed! Kaitlyn Bristowe and also Jason Tartick commemorated your engagement with friends in Nashville over the weekend and also had an pure blast.

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“We feel so celebrated,” the previous Bachelorette, 35, captioned an Instagram photo from the event on Sunday, may 23. “So loved. The last 2 weeks have actually been pure magic.”

The “Off the Vine” podcast host and her fiancé, 32, toasted their upcoming nuptials ~ above Saturday, may 22, with a dinner party hosted by pals and catered by Ricey & Co. They also had a balloon arrangement studded with flowers make by increase Up & away Nashville.

“Starting wedding planning this week!!” the Dew modify designer added. “WHAT need to OUR WEDDING HASHTAG BE???

The pair, who began dating in January 2019, announced their engagement on may 11. “It was everything I might have asked for,” the Dancing with the Stars alum called Entertainment Tonight the the proposal, which occurred while she was acquiring ready to record an illustration of her podcast. “The words that come out that his mouth to be insanely beautiful. We’ve never locked eyes prefer that in our lives. We were holding hands, therefore intense, and I was listening to his every word, however still blacked out.”

Tartick formerly turned under an chance to propose to his girlfriend throughout an episode of The Bachelor: The greatest Seasons — Ever! “I shot it under after about a job of thinking,” he said in June 2020, noting that he didn’t want to mix his proposal through a present that would revisit her past romances. “We don’t need these story to align in the very same showing. Yet I called Kaitlyn ~ … she’s like, ‘Thank God ."”

Before she heads under the aisle, Bristowe will go back to her fact roots as a guest hold of The Bachelorette v Tayshia Adams. The duo space helming Katie Thurston’s season of the present after Chris Harrison temporary stepped under in February following the controversy surrounding his response to Rachael Kirkconnell’s previous racially insensitive actions.

“I’m therefore happy to be part of this Bachelorette show,” the Spade & Sparrow founder said during an April illustration of she podcast. “But i didn’t realize how much it brought up part either trauma or some stress that I may not have encountered as lot as I assumed I had.

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My hormone out of control. … every little thing was just obtaining to me.”

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