From the baby food (Reese Witherspoon), to the Dukan (Jennifer Lopez) and also even the ‘dirty keto’, celebrities space no strangers to a faddy diet.

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And Hailey Baldwin, we average Bieber, is no different. The actress who freshly tied the knot v beau Justin Bieber revealed freshly that she follows an eat regime known as the ‘Blood type Diet.’

“I perform eat meat, however I try to stick come lighter meat choose chicken and turkey – I have actually trouble v my iron levels so I have to eat meat and couldn’t it is in veggie,” she told Women’s Health

“But I perform eat through the blood form diet as I think it renders a many sense and also a difference when you yes, really stick come it.”

But what is the blood form diet and how go it different from all the other A-list diet plans?

What is the blood form diet?

“Embarking on the blood type diet way following a diet which has been specifically designed for your blood group,” explains David Wiener, the Nutrition Specialist because that fitness app Freeletics (

The creator of the Bloody type Diet, Dr Peter D’Adamo claims that it can aid you to lose weight, feel healthy and additionally lower the danger of a variety of diseases.

“The premise behind the diet, is the your blood group determines how our body processes and breaks down various nutrients, and also that every blood team has the own, distinctive antigen mite (the means the body recognises something together being new to it), and this marker can react with certain foods, which could an outcome in a range of health and wellness issues,” David continues.

Can it assist you shed weight?

By adhering to a diet, which has been draft for her blood type, that is thought that your body will digest and also absorb food much more efficiently, help you to gain the nutritional benefits and additionally lose weight.

What foods items should girlfriend eat/avoid?

According come David the foods you need to eat/avoid are based upon the 4 main blood types, O, A, B and AB.

“Blood form O is recommend to eat a high protein diet i m sorry is well-off in skinny meats, fish and also vegetables, they are advised to prevent grains, dairy and legumes,” that explains.

“Type A is recommend to follow a meat totally free diet, instead opting because that vegetables, fruit, legumes and whole grains.

“Type B is recommend to avoid corn, wheat, chicken and peanuts, instead selecting green vegetables, eggs and low fat dairy products products.

“Type abdominal muscle is recommend to eat a diet wealthy in seafood, dairy and green vegetables.”

What are the services of the diet?

David says that the advantages of following this diet room limited. “But the truth it pushes customers to avoid heavily processed foods and also sugar laden foods method that together a result you will certainly feel far better as you’ll without doubt be eating healthier foodstuffs which room richer in vitamins and minerals,” the says.

“The blood kind diet likewise advocates that followers need to exercise frequently (although this as well is dependent on her blood type), and also this as well will advantage your health and wellbeing,” the adds.

“Those v an O type should partake in vigorous aerobic exercise, when A’s should stick to reduced intensity tasks such together yoga. B blood kind should try activities which combine mental components such as swimming and hiking, and also AB’s should encompass a real mix of activities.”

The flaw of the blood form diet

Some experts believe that the bloody kind diet is based on pseudo-science, i beg your pardon lacks any scientific basis.

“This for me is just one of the best no, no’s,” David explains. “There is proof that civilization feel far better after following the diet, yet that would certainly be true of any type of diet i beg your pardon advises health and wellness eating, an enhanced intake that vegetables, and cutting out sleek grains, processed foods, caffeine and alcohol,” the says.

And David also believes over there are limitations to following the diet.

“The blood form diet can be really restrictive, and also whilst the creator has plainly listed the foods items you should cut out based upon blood type, over there isn’t a long list of substitutions i beg your pardon could an outcome in people becoming deficient in an important vitamins and minerals, resulting in fatigue, and in extreme instances malnourishment,” he explains.

“Also, because each blood type calls for different meal plans, shopping, and also food prep, food preparation family meals or eating out deserve to be really difficult.”

Plus not everyone knows your bloody type. “So if you do decide to give this a go, you’ll should go to part lengths to discover out what the is.”

Should we offer it a go?

The jury’s out! There space benefits come reducing her sugar intake, eating much less processed foods and upping the fruit and veg, but on the various other hand the diet is pretty restrictive, there is no offering numerous substitutes.

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Of course if you’re reasoning of make the efforts it the end you should consult your GP or other health and wellness or nutritional professional prior to embarking top top a drastic adjust to your diet.