A lot of human being may dislike Justin Bieber for all sorts the reasons, yet he’s in reality a pretty kind guy. He has used his fame, money, and also platform to do some good in the world.

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And, like plenty of celebrities who gain big, he’s never forgotten about the human being who knew him before he was famous. This usually way that that takes treatment of his family, but he has additionally taken treatment of his friends.

Here’s a look at Justin Bieber’s connection with his best friend and also the Mustang the he provided him together a gift.

A short look at Justin Bieber’s childhood


Justin Bieber | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photo bank via Getty Images

Back in 2007 when YouTube was still brand-new to the world, young people from anywhere the world uploaded videos on there to share with others. Bieber had actually a video clip on YouTube of the singing, and through pure luck, that was uncovered by who in the music industry.

It didn’t take long before Bieber flew from his house in Canada down to Atlanta to record songs with Usher. 

He was 13 year old in ~ the time, and also until then, he had lived a relatively normal life. He saw school, hung out with his friends, and also sung a couple of songs from time come time. And then, in a year or two, Bieber ended up being a teen idol for millions of fans from around the world.

But regardless of this newfound fame, Bieber mental the friends the he had before his life blew up. One of those friends was Ryan Butler, who had been his ideal friend due to the fact that they were 7-years old.

Who is Ryan Butler?

Butler to be not simply his childhood finest friend. Follow to The everyday Mail, Butler’s parents aided raise Bieber once his mom, who was a solitary mother, needed the extra help. Bieber and also his mom resided in a small apartment when Butler and also his parents resided in a much more modest-looking house.

When that hit that big, he and also his mother obviously didn’t need Butler and his parents to help them anymore, however still, he maintained his friendship through Butler.

For example, as hefty wrote, Butler shows up in a pair of Bieber’s early on music videos. In fact, Butler additionally showed increase in a couple of interviews come talk about him and his partnership with Bieber and also the Bieber family.

Their partnership lasts to this day, and Heavy stated that the two can be watched eating in ~ restaurants indigenous time come time. That course, a connection as solid as the is built through common love and also appreciation.

So, in 2011, probably to give thanks to Butler for every the love and aid that he and also his family has displayed him and also his mom, Bieber gave Butler a brand-new Ford Mustang convertible, follow to The everyday Mail.

The Ford Mustang the Justin Bieber provided as a gift

Details are scarce about the exact trim and options that that picked out for his best friend, but since it was brand-new, that was likely a 2012 model year Mustang. Butler appears to it is in a big fan of powerful and quick cars, for this reason it’s entirely feasible that Bieber purchase his best-friend the most powerful Mustang the he might get.

According to consumer Reports, Ford offered five engine choices on the 2012 Mustang, with the most powerful being a 5.4-liter supercharged V8 engine that created 550-hp. This an effective engine allowed it to walk from 0 to 60 MPH in 4.1 seconds and also it could also hit a optimal speed that 200 MPH.

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A 2012 Mustang convertible would’ve cost at least $50,000 at the time. That said, cheaper versions of the same automobile would’ve began at around $30,000. One of two people way, Butler seemed thrilled v the gift indigenous his ideal friend.