The opening shot come the Jones beach ‘Magic of lights Show’Jones Beach, N.Y. — that the holiday season and once again, Jones beach is the place to be. Jones beach State Park has been do the ‘Magic of lamp Show’ an annual event because that the last three years. The dazzling drive-through light display experience features over a million LED lights and moving animations, through holiday standards from “The Night prior to Christmas”, “The 12 Days before Christmas” and much more. People of all periods can reap this event that has become a holiday legacy for many Long Islanders and also their families.

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“I love acquisition my children here every year and also it’s nice and also convenient since you don’t have to leave her car and can still gain the show” claimed Franklin Square residents Chrissy Nunges. “I have daughters that are 15 and four and also they both deserve to enjoy the display screen of lights presented here,” stated Nunges.

About the Magic of Lights

The Jones beach Light display takes place in between Nov. 22nd — Jan. 4th. Visitors deserve to start to line up at gate four beginning at 5p.m. And the present closes at 10 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and closes in ~ 11p.m. ~ above Fridays and also Saturdays. The entire attraction takes around 20 minutes to happen through, however visitors can move in ~ their very own pace as well as enjoy the brand new Toyota holiday Village. The Holiday village can be watched at the finish of the attraction and visitors can enjoy food, drinks, music, and a snapshot with Santa.

“It’s great that my family can gain such a wonderful show from the backseat of my car,” said Garden City resides Raffaella Flaherty. “It’s beginning to become an yearly thing for us,” claimed Flaherty.



The 240-foot ‘Mega Tree’ , a brand-new addition come the irradiate show.

Popularity ~ above the lengthy Island

The Magic the Lights present is organized in seven various locations in north American and also attracts a huge amount of visitors every year, particularly on lengthy Island. This occasion has when again become a popular destination on long Island for world of all ages to enjoy.

Turnout because that the Jones coast Lights

The Light present had been a staple on lengthy Island because that years however, 2007 to be the first time the event had been stopped because of the low turnout and also it taken place for a 2nd time ago in 2016. The crowds because that this near month in a fifty percent event has gone up and also down since 2015, the critical year in which the event was on display before it’s 2nd stoppage earlier in 2016.

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The Santa Claus light display screen at ‘Magic that Lights’

How to purchase tickets?

This occasion can be purchased on the website because that the Magic the Lights. The is one car admission with different price varieties for traditional vehicles, limos, and buses and can be purchased in two various ways. One means can be at the booth on come or can be bought online. Basic admission is $25 ~ above weekdays and $30 on weekends.