Travolta was freshly in Butler County, Ohio to shoot scenes from the movie The Life and also Death of john Gotti.

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At part point, he determined to autumn the office the Sheriff Richard K. Jones, posing with the regulation enforcement official for a photo that go semi-viral top top Twitter.

Because Travolta is shaking hands through Jones? no exactly.

It"s because Jones captioned the image as follows:

"Unexpected visit, unexpected kiss.. Awesome conference Mr. Man Travolta!!"

Here. Watch the subtitle for yourself:


Sort that a weird point to say, right?

Jones is an extremely likely just referring to the reality that Travolta is recognized for being fairly friendly; he often kisses human being on the cheek to say hello.

But that"s not what we check out in this picture, causing plenty of Internet users to speculate wildly over what the heck occurred when Travolta met Jones.

It doesn"t help, of course, that rumors around Travolta"s sexuality have been complying with him roughly for years.

He"s probably thought about the gibbs most most likely to be in the closet.

Back in March, rumors spread that Travolta only wanted to be massaged through men.

Last September, meanwhile, one even more scathing report declared that Travolta pays his gay lovers to remain quiet around his affairs and also that his wife, Kelly Preston, is in on the secret.


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According come those accused in the know, Travolta and also Preston have actually a sham marriage.

It to be orchestrated by Scientology to store the actor’s gay way of life on the down low.

Along these lines, someone called Doug Gotterba as soon as wrote a tell-all publication that claimed to expose every one of Travolta’s lie.

Why have actually you probably not heard that it? Why to be it no published?

Because Travolta accused coughed increase $1.3 million come Gotterba, after i m sorry the memoir mysteriously disappeared, never ever seeing the light of day.

Elsewhere: Travolta supposedly has a unique insurance policy to defend him native lawsuits filed by guys who room the victims of Travolta’s unwanted sex-related advances.

According to a 2012 Gawker story, Travolta’s insurance company paid out two of the 6 sexual attack complaints made versus him in recent years.

That would certainly be quite insane if true.

Two of these suits to be filed by male masseurs who claimed Travolta took advantage of them throughout private sessions; an additional was filed by a cruise delivery employee.

Other accusers have had a stunt double, a driver and a physics therapist.

There’s likewise Robert Randolph. He has actually written around Travolta’s gay preferences and also even insurance claims he has seen videotaped footage of john Travolta involved in gay sex.



We"re not judging Travolta for his sex-related preferences, that"s for sure.

Although it"s no cool at all if he really did make advancements against me who proved no attention in him. That"s pure harassment.

Was the Sheriff in this strange Twitter case making a recommendation to this rumors around Travolta?

Again, we have no idea. But we do understand why the Internet has actually run wild through questions adhering to the aforementioned caption.

Any time words "kiss" is offered in conjunction with Travolta and also a man, these inquiries are going to arise walking forward.

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It"s simply the method it is. And also there"s been enough fuel poured on come this fire end the years for united state to understand why.