The 38-year-old design ditches she bra in a see-through peak while posing seductively in a brand-new cover shoot for Viva magazine.

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Jun 14, 2017 - Joanna Krupa pipeline very tiny to the creativity when appearing in a new cover shoot for Viva magazine. The former star that "The real Housewives of Miami" flashes she ample assets together she walk braless in a completely see-through top.

In the black-and-white photograph taken by photographer Marlena Bielinska, Joanna can be seen pairing she racy optimal with high-waisted shorts and accessorizing through jewelry. She is lying down on a couch while striking a sexy pose and also giving a seductive look in ~ the camera.


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Joanna is no stranger to flaunting she assets on-and-off society media. Critical month, the 38-year-old Polish model exposed she nipples as she ditched her bra in a thin dress as soon as she stepped the end for dinner at Craig"s restaurant in West Hollywood.

The outing came after the stunning model was seen stepping out of a Beverly Hills restaurant v a brand-new man between report she break-up from her husband of more than three years, Romain Zago. Previously this month, the version was spotted getting handsy with restaurateur Nico Santucci at Craig"s.

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