September 26, 2021 - 16:54 BST Brandi Fowler Jennifer Lopez turns heads in ripped blue jeans while cozying up with Ben Affleck ~ her global Citizens Live performance in new York City.

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Jennifer Lopez kept the showstopping looks comes throughout the weekend as she hit the stage at the worldwide Citizen Live Festival and strutted approximately the highways of brand-new York City.

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After wowing throughout her power wearing a crystallized jumper through a plunging neckline, the Hustlers star to be beaming together she walked the end of main Park Saturday night wearing a white t-shirt topped through a photograph of her and a sparkly rhinestone ‘J Lo’.

J.Lo and also Ben hosted hands as they lift the global Citizen Live Festival

She paired the top with ripped denim patchwork jeans we swooned over and also finished the ensemble v stiletto heels.

J Lo likewise wore her long locks in cascading waves, which dropped past her shoulders.

Ben Affleck, who opted for a button-down top and also trousers for the event, was best by his ladylove’s next holding her hand as they made their means down a staircase.

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And he also did a small manscaping front of the event - his mustache was i do not have anything in vision - making the the first time in fairly a while the he’s been viewed without it.

J.Lo lugged fans to their feet during her worldwide Citizen live performance

As because that J.Lo’s global Citizen Live performance, the Jenny indigenous the Block singer lugged fans to their feet together she sang hits including Love Don’t expense a Thing and If You had My Love. She was likewise joined on phase by LL Cool J and Ja dominance for she performances the I’m Real and also Aint it Funny.

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J.Lo also debuted one unreleased tune from she upcoming movie Marry Me, which hits theaters top top Feb. 11.

"It"s always such an honor to be right here with so plenty of people, so plenty of loving people, trying to do so many amazing points together,"she said, together the group chanted she name, follow to People. "And because of that, tonight I desire to execute something special."

"Do you guys mind if I do a tune that no one has heard?" she inquiry the audience. "Because it"s a one-of-a-kind occasion, and I thought, "What special thing have the right to I do?" This song is about pushing through old mistakes and also finding your destiny ... Yet this is just for girlfriend guys right here tonight. I desire to share this v you because I feel, i feel, what I know is the we space on ours way."

J.Lo to be spotted in NYC ahead of the concert put on a Coach shearling coat and Timberland fishing eye boots through crystallized detail

The concert occasion took place across seven cities and also six continents as a fundraising event for global Citizen and worldwide Citizen’s Recovery plan for the World, a project to end COVID-19.

Prior to her performance, J.Lo hit the highways of the huge Apple and turned top in a Coach shearling fur coat, black color leggings, and also Timberland boots with crystallized embellishments - a cloak she ongoing to wear transparent the weekend and a shoes brandshe"s loved for decades.

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