Z100, New York’s No. 1 fight Music Station, has actually unveiled the star-studded lineup because that its annual holiday concert, Z100’s Jingle round 2015, gift by resources One, taking place on Friday, December 11, at 8 p.m. At Madison Square Garden.

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Z100 Jingle ball 2015

Z100’s Jingle round 2015 is part of the national iHeartRadio Jingle round Tour, the season’s biggest annual music occasion that catches the holiday soul of the iHeartRadio app, in Dallas, mountain Francisco/Oakland, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Boston, Chicago, Miami/Ft. Lauderdale and also Tampa. Z100’s Jingle round 2015 will mark Z100’s 20th year of bringing cheer to new York City v the holiday season’s biggest yearly music event.

Z100’s on-air personality, Mo Bounce, officially announced the all-star performers for Z100’s Jingle round 2015 i beg your pardon will incorporate The Weeknd, Calvin Harris, Selena Gomez, 5 seconds of Summer, Demi Lovato, Nick Jonas, fifth Harmony, Zedd, Shawn Mendes, Tove Lo, Charlie Puth, Hailee Steinfeld, R. City, Conrad Sewell and also DNCE. Unique guest master will additionally include Elvis Duran that the “Elvis Duran and The Z100 Morning Show” alongside the entire Z100 family, with much more to be announced.

Capital One will certainly sponsor the iHeartRadio Jingle round tour and as component of this partnership resources One cardholders gain exclusive very first access come high demand tickets with a one-of-a-kind iHeartRadio jingle Ball capital One Cardholder Pre-Sale. The iHeartRadio jingle Ball funding One Cardholder Pre-Sale will begin tomorrow, October 6 in ~ 10 a.m. Local and will run with October 9 at 10 a.m. Local or while gives last. Tickets will be accessible at iHeartRadio.com/CapitalOne. Any kind of remaining tickets will go on sale to the general public ~ above October 12 at 10 a.m. Local, and also will be accessible at iHeartRadio.com/jingleball.

“Its amazing to memory Z100’s incredible tradition with the 20th annual Z100 jingle Ball,” said mark Medina, regimen Director, Z100. “This year we’ve put together the sexty lineup for another amazing Z100 Jingle ball concert for this reason we deserve to celebrate this huge milestone through our listeners.”

“It constantly amazes me exactly how the Z100 Jingle ball talent gets bigger and also bigger every year,” said Elvis Duran. “This year’s present will be mind-blowing. It’s such an respect to be part of such a huge institution.”

For the an initial time in Z100’s Jingle ball history, Z100 is proud come announce its partnership through the U.S. Fund for UNICEF. By putting youngsters first, UNICEF has helped save much more lives than any other humanitarian organization. Starting later in October, Z100 listeners have the right to make a donation come the U.S. Money for UNICEF, providing them a chance to win tickets to Z100’s solder Ball.

Z100’s Jingle ball 2015 will certainly kick-off with the action-packed Z100 & Coca Cola’s All accessibility Lounge, the official pre-event celebration. The event, i m sorry is totally free to the public, will incorporate performances by Shawn Mendes, DNCE, Charlie Puth, Alessia Cara, R. City and also Conrad Sewell, complied with by meet-and-greets v fan favorites. Z100 & Coca Cola’s All accessibility Lounge will feature music and also interactive screens from several of today’s hottest brands and also products. The event will take ar from 12 – 6 p.m. EST in ~ Hammerstein Ballroom, 311 W. 34th St., brand-new York, NY and also will welcome pan of every ages.

Every year, Z100’s Jingle ball gives ago to the ar to celebrate the holiday season. This year’s main charity because that Z100’s Jingle round 2015 is the Ryan Seacrest structure – $1.00 of every ticket sold will it is in donated to the non-profit organization, i m sorry is dedicated to motivating today’s youth through entertainment and education focused initiatives.

“The Ryan Seacrest structure is proud come team up through Jingle round for the 3rd year in a row, enabling us to raise more funds and also awareness because that our work with children’s hospitals throughout the country,” said Meredith Seacrest, executive Director & COO of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. “We love gift a component of this concert tour and also are truly thankful for all iHeartMedia does to assist us elevator the soul of young patients and also their families.”

The iHeartRadio Jingle sphere 2015 tour is gift by resources One. Additional proud partner of this year’s national iHeartRadio Jingle sphere Tour event(s) include: Allstate insurance Company, Macy’s, The CW Network and also Verizon. Multimarket partner include: Ulta Beauty. Z100’s Jingle sphere 2015 is also sponsored locally by Mercedes Benz, P.C. Richard & Son, Twix, Ari through Ariana Grande, crucial Food, Fujifilm and Hornblower Cruises.

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Z100’s Jingle round will video stream solely on Yahoo because that fans nationwide live and also broadcast live top top iHeartMedia contemporary Hit Radio (CHR) stations throughout the nation on Friday, December 11, at 8 p.m. EST and also be featured as an exclude, nationwide 90 minute broadcast distinct on The CW Network on Thursday, December 17, at 8 p.m. EST/PST, providing music fans throughout the country the possibility to endure the highly anticipated annual event.