Ellen DeGeneres to be looking to collect throughout her lip-sync warfare through Jimmy Fallon.

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The daytime TV personality stopped by Wednesday’s Tonight Show, wherein she and Fallon took turns lip-syncing for judge Justin Timberlake.

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DeGeneres perform a comically downbeat version of Diana Ross‘ “Do You recognize Where You’re walking To,” which connected the comedian writhing roughly on the phase floor.

She complied with that up with a strident screen ofRihanna‘s “Bitch better Have my Money,” which ended with an epos mic drop.

For his part, Fallon carry out a mid-2000s absent hit and a 2015 society banger, the latter of which enabled him to carry out a the majority of wacky dance moves.

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Despite his lip-sync prowess, the became noticeable that Fallon was worried about DeGeneres having the top hand, through Fallon even slipping money to Timberlake ~ performing his an initial tune.

“Whoa, what is this?” Timberlake asked as soon as he saw the cash; Fallon replied: “Take care of yourself — don’t worry around it.”

To discover out which songs Fallon performed and see that won, clock the video clip below.

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