august 11, 2020 - 11:11 BST The former "Bachelorette" star was claimed to marry fiancé Justin Pasutto this summer.

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Jillian Harris recently revealed she had a slight mishap v her engagement ring native fiancé Justin Pasutto – she accidentally threw that out!

speaking to Bachelor organize Chris Harrison top top a recent episode of The Bachelor: The biggest Seasons -- Ever!, she revealed exactly how the COVID-19 lockdown and changes to everyday life resulted in the lost ring.

"I had actually this beautiful engagement ring, but it was lacking a rock and then COVID taken place so us weren"t accepting packages inside," defined the former Bachelorette.

"So, my ring came and I signed because that it, yet I had every one of these packages outside and I was going with them, and also it was a chaotic day.

"Maybe ns was having actually a glass the rosé, i don"t know, however anyhow, ns threw the end my engagement ring," the 40-year-old admitted.

"Are girlfriend kidding?" request a shocked Chris.

"We"re wait for a brand-new engagement ring come come," ongoing Jillian, "And climate we had to cancel our wedding."

The Love it or perform It Vancouver interior designer stated that these space "first people problems."

"I can not complain," the confident star said. "We have a good life."

The couple, who have two youngsters together, are hoping to acquire married next summer, in irradiate of the coronavirus.

It seems that Jillian has actually taken the case all in stride and also will hopefully gain her new ring and also wedding soon!

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Jillian previously opened up about her romantic engagement and also the ring on her blog. Justin popped the inquiry on Christmas Day, 2016 v a box of macaroons.

"I honestly couldn’t believe that I had a ring on my finger the morning … ns felt so ridiculously thankful for that entirety year in between purchasing our brand-new home, having actually Leo and also then THIS! OMG!!!" she wrote.

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The HGTV star said the original engagement ring was just what she envisioned.

"It"s straightforward and standard with a moderate size diamond, ns didn’t want anything too huge and flashy," she explained. "It’s native the same location Justin obtained my push gift from, Minichiello Jewellers in Vancouver."

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