Jessica Simpson has actually made an iconic career crafted around the persona the being one of Hollywood"s blonde beauties. Think earlier to she portrayal together Daisy battle each other in The Dukes the Hazzard or her corresponding music video, "These Boots are made for Walkin."" The emphasis was on her lean body, her remarkable hair, her huge smile — attributes that amped increase some major sex appeal. In short, everything focused on how Jessica Simpson looked. 

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With this level that hyper-focus on her body, it"s no wonder the in Simpson"s brand-new memoir, Open Book, she speaks about her relationship with her body together something the was not only facility but often tortured. True come its title, Simpson"s book talks around substance abuse, childhood trauma, and also her emotional and physical solution to motherhood and also her postpartum body. 

Simpson revealed the she planned a partial tummy tuck close to her 35th birthday in July 2015, per Us Weekly. Jessica currently has three youngsters with she husband, previous NFL pro Eric Johnson, however at the moment of her tummy tuck, she"d had actually two children in less than 2 years. She claimed her setup wasn"t to usage the ship tuck to lose weight but rather to remove the overfill skin from back-to-back pregnancies. Her doctor warned versus the procedure, yet Simpson chose to gambling on she health. Here"s why...

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In her memoir, Jessica Simpson revealed that she ignored the advice of her doctor and also pushed because that a tummy tuck due to the fact that she couldn"t was standing the means her body looked. "I to be so awkward of my body at this allude that ns wouldn"t allow Eric view me there is no a white T-shirt on," she to write in Open Book, every Us Weekly. "I had sex with it on and also even showered with it on. I couldn"t bear to look in ~ myself."

In an answer to this broken relationship with herself, Simpson booked a partial ship tuck. If the plastic surgeon approved, Simpson says her own doctor did not, explain he was worried around her liver because of her excessive consumption of alcohol and also pills. He apparently told her she "could die," yet Simpson walk forward through the surgery anyway. Prior to the operation, she says she "cut down on everything like someone cramming because that a test."

Her recovery to be fine, yet the fashion designer felt choose the partial ship tuck didn"t do sufficient to accomplish the late she had about how her body must look. Simpson reserved a second tummy tuck just two month later, but that one resulted in some serious complications. "I gained an epidemic — colitis — and also was vomiting so much I assumed I to be going come bust mine sutures," she writes, every Us Weekly. Thankfully, Simpson recovered, yet that moment wasn"t the an initial time she"d struggled with her identity. 

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The phenomenon of using cosmetic surgical treatment to promote an idealized body kind is nothing brand-new for plenty of celebrities, Jessica Simpson included. In a 2006 interview with Glamour, the Newlyweds fact star talked around other areas of her body she has actually targeted, specifically lip injections. "I had actually that Restylane stuff. Yet it fades — the went away in like 4 months," she called the mag. "My lips are ago to what they were. Thank God! that looked fake to me. I didn"t prefer that." 

Simpson also included that if she were to do any kind of kind of chest augmentation, it would be a reduction. "The just thing I"ve ever wanted is a boob reduction! I have to wear 2 sport bras as soon as I jog," she said.

Discussions around Simpson"s human body have conquered her prolonged career. In a February 2020 interview with Today, the singer talked around why one chapter of Open Book is title "Death By mommy Jeans." That ar of her memoir revisits a brutal body-shaming endure that developed after she wore high-waisted jeans throughout a power in 2009. The pop star to be ferociously ridiculed virtual for the method her human body looked. That "broke mine heart," she said. "...I to be taken under by the world."

Having lived v that experience, it"s no wonder Simpson has actually struggled through feeling comfortable in her own skin, yet her brand-new book sheds light on her latest transformation...

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Jessica Simpson"s battle with human body image has been a life-long journey, however through the process of composing Open Book, she got some perspective on what cosmetic surgery meant for her and also if it yes, really addressed the deeper issues. "I have the right to tell you that plastic surgical treatment does not cure what"s inside," she wrote, every Us Weekly. "Really, it"s around how you feeling emotionally, and also I was still just as difficult on myself as soon as those stitches were out."

In Simpson"s memoir, she talks about other means she has transformed her physical body, such as getting sober in 2017. "Everything in mine life has actually been clear since that very moment," she said the Today show in February 2020. She now really hopes her book and also corresponding music will certainly inspire others. "I want to show human being the obstacles that I had actually to acquire through and the tools that I have now to go back and confront them."

While that was probably painful to relive some of those memories, we"re thankful Simpson made decision to it is in vulnerable enough to share her revolution with the public.