That's our song. "oh what a night" "se souir el la". French. Number one in paris 2000. How'd that happen? You ask four
Guys, you gain four different versions, however this is wbelow all of them start. Belgum new jersey, thousand also years back,
Iesenhower, rocky marcianno, via a few guys under a street lamp singin' somebody elses latest hit.

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Our best ring turns out to be a child that sings favor an angel. He hangs approximately the clubs, so i put up a little surpclimb for
Thank you females and gentlemen! We're the selection trio... 3, 4! And currently, a discovery of mine, little frankie castalluccio
Groups are growing on trees, however this kid can execute it for us. Sure he's green, but that's wbelow i come in. I take this raw
Clay and i make favor michaelangelo. I gained a few years on him so i obtained a lot to teach him. It's choose my mission.
Listen, frankie. Tuesday night, me and my brother nick are gonna knock over a fixed jewelry save over on frankstow rd.,
Frankie, your driving tommys automobile, you obtained no license. It's one block from wright here the hit-solve is.
I'm letting you off via a warning. I imply you obtain yourself a new collection of friends. Now get out of right here.
Due to the fact that you're italian! You gotta finish in a vowel. Vigaperform, casluccio, pizza, valli, via an i. It states this is who i am. You
Frankie, let me describe just how this works. You carry out a favor for me, at some point i'll do a favor for you.
So, it's me, nick, frankie. And it's approximately me to store us out of the gutter. But nobody's hiring trios anymore. Quartets are
Bobby! Bobby! Hey listen! The three lovers. They gained this kid singer, he's like, "foracquire about it!" and also they're dying to
I dropped out of highinstitution to tour with "short shorts". I common a bus via chuck barry, sam cooke, the evelly brothers,
Jackie wilkid. But i never heard a voice like frankie valli's. After eight bars i recognize i have to compose for this voice.

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Yeah, yeah, yeah! I told you! Can we simply borrow the piano for a minute? Go ahead bobby. Play the new one.



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