"OK, first of all, if I had done "(spits), Hunger Games," the would"ve reached number one," she told Conan O"Brien of her hit tune "The Hanging Tree."


Jennifer Lawrence sings a mean Cher.

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The Hunger gamings star broke out into the first couple of bars the the 1998 fight “Believe” if on the special Comic-Con version ofConan on Thursday night.

Though notoriously fear of to sing in public, she did so v a countdown native co-star JoshHutcherson, that then belted out the lyrics together well.

Lawrence is also still refusing to take credit transaction for the success of she hit song, “The Hanging Tree,” she described after the film’s Comic-Con panel.

The actress sang the monitor as part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — component 1 last year, which to be released ~ above Republic documents as performed v film composer James Newton Howard. The subsequent dance remixes then hit the Billboard charts.

“OK, first of all, if I had actually done ‘(spits), Hunger Games,‘ that would’ve reached number one,” she called Conan O’Brien. “It wasn’t me!”

Watch the video below.

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