Jenifer Lewis, Fresh Prince"s "Aunt Helen", proceeds to make her note in Hollywood and also over the year has come to be referred to as "The mommy of black color Hollywood". Having since starred in collection like Black-ish, Lewis is motivation for many. Check out what The fresh Prince the Bel-Air star is approximately today ideal here. 

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Jenifer Lewis, Fresh Prince"s "Aunt Helen" to be born January 25, 1957 and also would gain her acting begin on Broadway in 1979 v a small function in a performance of Eubie. From there she would continue to rise to fame, becoming a back-up singer for Bette Midler. 

After make the move from brand-new York to Los Angeles, Lewis started to appear regularly ~ above TV in sitcoms including: 

Murphy BrownDream Onand Friends.

Perhaps Lewis" biggest duty of the 1990s was playing the component of "Aunt Helen" on The fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Jenifer Lewis The fresh Prince the Bel-Air


Jenifer Lewis The fresh Prince that Bel-Air"s "Aunt Helen" is a role the actress would portray native 1991 to 1996. Lewis brought humor and joy right into the duty and made the character memorable for years ~ the display ended. 

While exhilaration on The fresh Prince, Jenifer was also busy starring in movies like Sister Act (1992), Poetic Justice (1993), and What"s Love gained to perform With It (1993). 


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Jenifer Lewis proceeds to it is in a strong figure in Hollywood today and also is frequently referred to as "The mother of black Hollywood", a name taken from the location of she memoir and referencing the motherly duties she frequently portrays. 

Most freshly you will catch Jenifer Lewis starring in the abc comedy Black-ish, a duty she has actually received 2 Critics an option Awards for. We look front to seeing much more of the currently 64-year-old actress, Jenifer Lewis top top screen.