In genuine life, everyone through a project sacrifices miscellaneous for your profession. For example, we all need to spend a many time working when there frequently is a lengthy list of other things that us would desire to it is in doing. In the instance of professional actors, however, their tasks often call on them come sacrifice by changing themselves in a myriad of different ways.

over the years, moviegoers have actually heard numerous stories of actors who feel prefer the only way they can provide their best performance is to never break personality while they room on set. When that most take a toy fee on those actors, the pales in comparison come the actors who’ve invested days, weeks, and months transforming their bodies for a role.

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When renowned actors require to lose or obtain a lot of weight for a role, they have the right to consult through a physician to figure out the best method to change themselves healthily. Despite that, as soon as Jeffrey Dean Morgan made decision to lose forty pounds for his function in the miniseries Texas Rising, the did so in a very unique and also likely attention way.

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A Long-Forgotten Project

these days, Jeffrey Dean Morgan is finest known because that his tenure bringing The walking Dead’s Negan to life. On optimal of the role, the has got a many fans as result of his work-related in shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Wife as well as several movies consisting of P.S. I Love You, Watchmen, and The Losers.

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Unlike all of those tasks that will certainly go under in history, the 2015 background Channel miniseries Texas Rising has already been forget by many people, if they ever heard of the present in the an initial place. Among the key reasons why the is the instance is that Texas Rising was ruined by critics, just receiving 13% top top Rotten Tomatoes. With all of that in mind, the is remarkable to think about everything Morgan put himself v to star in Texas Rising.

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Jeffrey’s distinct Method

In 2015, Jeffrey Dean Morgan showed up on the Today Show to promote his recent project, the miniseries Texas Rising. Since Morgan had notably dropped forty pounds because that his duty in the miniseries, it makes perfect sense that his technique for dropping pounds easily came up in the conversation. Amazingly enough, Morgan walk on to reveal that the lost every one of that load in a an extremely ill-advised and unpleasant sounding way.

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after Jeffrey Dean Morgan revealed the he sweet “probably about 175” to start and also he acquired down to “about 135”, that revealed he shed that weight by only eating “a can of tuna fish a day”. Morgan then reflected ~ above that technique and claimed “I did that in the most unhealthy way possible. I didn’t consult v a medical professional or anything. We claimed that maybe we must lose, like, 10 pounds I simply kept going and also going.” Finally, Morgan revealed that he to be so ailing of tuna after ~ that procedure that that hadn’t touch it in months.

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various other Actors’ Methods

even though the seems an extremely clear the Jeffrey Dean Morgan wouldn’t advise various other actors to lose weight the method he did, that doesn’t median that his partner have enjoyed their methods. ~ all, over there isn’t a fun method to fall a the majority of weight in a short duration of time. Despite that, it is amazing to look at the means that various other actors have actually lost weight and also compare their process to what Morgan go through.

over the years, there have been several actors who have defined losing weight for a function in healthy and balanced ways the would have actually been challenging but not as well crazy. Because that example, Jonah Hill claimed he lost over fourty pounds for Moneyball by providing up his college frat-boy lifestyle, transforming his diet, and also running often. Russell Crowe has also said the he ate six to eight lean protein meals a day and chose come consume high-fiber fruits and vegetables to get in shape for Gladiator.

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Unfortunately, few of the load loss approaches other actors have defined sound even worse than what Jeffrey Dean Morgan go through. Because that example, kris Hemsworth consumed a fluid diet of 500 calories a work to shed 33 pounds in 4 weeks to movie his movie In the love of the Sea. Similarly, 50 Cent shed 54 pounds in 9 weeks by to run on a treadmill three hrs a day and consuming a liquid diet because that the movie Things loss Apart. Climate there is Christian Bale, who shed 62 pounds to star in The Machinist by smoking, only eating an apple a day, and also drinking nothing yet water, coffee, and an sometimes whiskey.