Congratulations space in order for Flipping Out stars Jeff Lewis and Gage Edward as the pair revealed previously today they are right now expecting a baby girl this fall via a surrogate!

“We are an extremely excited, but I’m additionally a tiny terrified,” Jeff speak People. “I’m do the efforts to decision if I’m an ext terrified or excited, however I think it’s normal.”

The roadway to parenthood has been a lengthy and an overwhelming one for Jeff and also Gage, that made plenty of attempts to adopt, just to it is in disappointed as soon as those adoptions fell through. “It’s to be going on for a lengthy time, actually, four-and-a-half years,” Jeff revealed to Extra in June of last year. “We actually began researching fost-adopt, exclusive adoption, and also we had every fear story known to man, i m sorry I might probably write three books to discuss. And then we made decision to carry out surrogacy, therefore we’ve began that process.”


In August, Jeff spoke v TV Guide about the surrogate an option process, revealing the the search had been successful. “I to be so afraid that I would certainly screw the up,” Jeff said of conference her because that the an initial time. “It’s favor a date, but it’s also a job interview. Mine biggest are afraid was that she would Google scenes from the show and also not want to occupational with us.”

Jeff adds, “I’m confident the she’s walk to take it very an excellent care of our baby. However will i be stressed? Yeah,” that admitted. “That bad girl doesn’t recognize what she in for. Ns can’t manage her diet however I can definitely make suggestions.”

Back in December, Jeff sent out a “Christmas card” to pan on social media that confirmed six different embryos:

Happy Holidays

— Jeff Lewis (

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JLJeffLewis) December 9, 2015

The infant is early out on October 18, and also Jeff speak People that he and also Gage have vastly various preparation styles. “I haven’t read a single thing,” Jeff confesses. “I will certainly probably just wing it, but Gage is already on book three.

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That’s kind of how we are. I’m a last-minute sort of guy, for this reason in that final hour, ns will most likely be speed-reading and also just sort of pulling out the highlights, where Gage will currently be the expert.”

Congratulations come Jeff and also Gage! we can’t wait to watch the pregnancy and also parenthood play out on Flipping the end Season 9!

Meanwhile, here’s a little flashback to that time Jeff and Jenni Pulos talked around potential baby names: