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Born September 18, 1973 inStillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Birth NameJames Paul Marsden
NicknamesBello JimmyJ. P.
Height 5"10"(1.78m)
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James Paul Marsden, or far better known as simply James Marsden, to be born top top September 18, 1973, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, to Kathleen (Scholz) and also James Luther Marsden. His father, a identified Professor of animal Sciences & sector at Kansas State University, and also his mother, a nutritionist, divorced as soon as he to be nine year old. James flourished up through his 4 other siblings, sisters, Jennifer and Elizabeth, and brothers, Jeff and Robert. He has English, German, and Scottish ancestry. Throughout his teen years, the attended Putnam City phibìc High institution which was located in Oklahoma City. ~ graduating in 1991, that attended Oklahoma State University and also studied transfer Journalism. If in university, he became a member the the Delta Tau Delta fraternity.While vacationing with his household in Hawaii, the met gibbs Kirk Cameron, and also his actress sister, Candace Cameron Bure. They ultimately invited James to visit them in Los Angeles. After researching in Oklahoma State because that over a year and appearing in his university production, "Bye farewell Birdie", the left school and also moved come Los Angeles to go after his attention in acting. James obtained his an initial job top top the pilot episode of The Nanny (1993) together Eddie, who was Margaret Sheffield"s boyfriend. He then became part of the Canadian television series, Boogies Diner (1994), which aired because that one season. ~ that series ended, he got a brief duty as the initial Griffin on Fox"s Party of 5 (1994). His first big break came as soon as he ended up being the lead on the short-lived abc series, 2nd Noah (1996). Return the display didn"t last long, the young gibbs received enough exposure from the public and even controlled to success the hearts of other teenage girls. In 1996, that attended an audition because that a movie title Primal fear (1996) however unfortunately shed that duty to Edward Norton. Two years later, that was available a lead function in 54 (1998), which that turned down. The function later go to an additional actor, Ryan Phillippe.James" star power raised when the starred in David Nutter"s Disturbing habits (1998), together Katie Holmes and Nick Stahl, which had mixed reviews, yet mostly optimistic ones. His function in the television series as glen Foy in allied McBeal (1997), is most likely one that his biggest accomplishment to date. He became one that the main actors members during the an initial half that season 5, where he showcased his to sing abilities. It remained in that show where he was able to grab the fist of audiences from various backgrounds. The 5" 10" star later on played Lon Hammon Jr. In the romantic movie, The Notebook (2004), i beg your pardon was based upon a novel through Nicholas Sparks of the same name. His movies, Lies and Alibis (2006) and 10th & wolf (2006) was additionally released about the world to audiences in the year 2006. Among his most memorable functions to fans is his function as Cyclops in the X-Men (2000) movie franchise. The movie was well accepted by audiences and also critics, which eventually made James one of the sexty stars because it was released. That was among the actors that starred in all three of the X-Men movies. James had the respect of functioning alongside Patrick Stewart, Famke Janssen and also Hugh Jackman in the film. However, no many civilization know the he actually had to wear elevator for many of his scenes in the X-men movies, because his character Cyclops is an alleged to it is in 6" 3" compared to a 5" 3" Wolverine. In reality, that is actually under 6" 0", much shorter than Famke Janssen that plays his love interest, Jean Grey, and even much shorter than Hugh Jackman who played Wolverine.In the year 2006, he played Richard White in the very anticipated movie, Superman return (2006), i beg your pardon coincidentally to be directed by Bryan Singer, who likewise directed vault X-Men installments. Back he showed up in X-Men: The Last was standing (2006), the 3rd installment the the X-Men franchise, numerous would notification that he in fact had an ext screen time in "Superman Returns", as Lois Lane"s long awaiting fiancé who had to expropriate the fact that his fiancée is in love v the guy of steel. James earned great reviews from the movie, which led to him getting much more movie roles. In 2007, James played Corny Collins in the film Hairspray (2007), an adaption that the Broadway musical based on John Waters movie, Hairspray (1988). He joined a star-studded cast, starring alongside optimal names such as man Travolta, Queen Latifah and Michelle Pfeiffer. James not only acted in that movie, but additionally sang 2 of the film"s songs, "The Nicest youngsters In Town", and "Hairspray". Being part of Hairspray catapulted James come a various level that stardom together audiences obtained to see an additional side that him. His next function was in the Disney movie, enchanted (2007), playing Prince Edward, wherein he acted together Amy Adams, Susan Sarandon and also Patrick Dempsey. When again, James had the opportunity to sing in two songs indigenous the movie, "True Love"s Kiss" and also "That"s Amore". Enchanted (2007) appealed to not only older audience but additionally to those who were pan of Disney"s network productions. Complying with his vast success in the years 2006 and also 2007, James play the masculine lead function in the romantic comedy, 27 dresses (2008), the opposite actress Katherine Heigl in 2008. The movie did well at package office, earning a pistol revenue of over $159 million, which gone beyond the expectation of crew members especially because it to be under a $30 million budget.Marsden play the male lead in the fear film, the box (2009), based upon the 1970 brief story "Button, Button" by author Richard Matheson. The starred the opposite Cameron Diaz in the movie.He co-starred in inadvertently Love (2015) (previously inadvertently Love (2015), a politically-themed romantic comedy, directed by David O. Russell and also filmed in Columbia, south Carolina. Marsden"s recent film roles encompass the sequel comedy Anchorman 2: The Legend continues (2013), the romantic drama The finest of Me (2014), and the comedy Unfinished business (2015).James was married come Lisa Linde, one actress known from her duty in work of Our lives (1965). Lisa is the daughter the legendary nation music songwriter Dennis Linde. The couple wed ~ above July 22, 2000 and have a son, Jack Holden Marsden that was born top top February 1, 2001, and also a daughter, mar James, that was born on respectable 10, 2005. They divorced in 2011. James has one more son, born in 2012, with model Rose Costa.Many would certainly assume that with all this success completed by James in ~ this age, he would certainly be somewhat high-headed however James discussed that regardless of all the fist he"s gaining from the general public eye, he tries to save himself together grounded together possible. He even admits that he flies coach rather of an initial class when traveling with his family. In an interview he discussed that that believes he has actually a details responsibility to let his kids know the he isn"t special since of what that does, but who that is as a person.

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Through a great humble attitude and a bright future front of him, there"s definitely much more to suppose from this Oklahoma native.