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San Fernando valley residents have trouble spreading recall ballots

by chris Wolfe, Digital employee / Sep 11, 2021

Some mountain Fernando Valley voters think they space being erroneously prevented from spreading a ballot in the upcoming gubernatorial remind election.

At El Camino real Charter High college in forest Hills, part voters say they were told the computer systems showed lock as currently having voted, also though they had actually not.


‘America’s Mayor’ remembers new York City on Sept. 11

by mary Beth McDade, Digital staff / Sep 11, 2021
Rudy Giuliani might be finest known currently for his work-related with chairman Donald Trump, but twenty years ago, that was known as "America"s Mayor" for his time at the helm of brand-new York City.

Giuliani satellite down through"s mar Beth McDade to talk about the attacks and his storage of Sept. 11, 2001.

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Nixon Library hosts piece of human being Trade center for Sept. 11 remembrance event

by Cameron Kiszla, man Fenoglio / Sep 11, 2021
The Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum hosted 23 tons of steel from the human being Trade facility on Saturday, and also a means for Yorba Linda occupants to psychic the 20th anniversary and teach their children about the horrors that the day.

One speaker, Tom Frost, one Orange county resident, shed his daughter in the attack.




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Nixon Library hosts piece of civilization Trade facility for Sept. 11 remembrance event

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