“As ridiculous as this sounds, Dina has actually been holding a grudge versus Jacqueline Laurita because Seaboy 1,” a source tells surfacetoairnewyork.com solely.

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The source defines that all the drama stems from the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale that year, throughout which Danielle Staub lugged out Cop Without A Badge, a book written by her ex-husband also that lassist bare Staub’s criminal past. Staub then blasted Manzo, insisting that the past was “exceptionally much in the present many thanks to you,” blaming Manzo for showing the book all roughly town.

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“Like she often does, Dina tried to act favor her hands weren’t dirty at that dinner,” notes the resource. “Jacqueline sat quietly and also played alengthy at first, specifically in the beginning, when Dina’s sister, Caroline Manzo, took responsibility for mirroring the book around herself.”

But Manzo, 44, began pointed fingers and also accprovided 42-year-old Laurita of gaining connected, also. “That’s as soon as Jacqueline shed it and also told Dina ‘I’m done lying for you,’” recalls the resource. “As quickly as she sassist that, her connection through Jacqueline was basically over.”

The instance just went from poor to worse thanks to what Manzo viewed as a slight from her brvarious other Chris Laurita. “After the dinner, the girls saw the reunion, and also Dina acted civilly, but as soon as Jacqueline’s husband also declared Danielle was welcome in his residence anytime, Dina turned this about and, yet again, made it around her,” proceeds the source.

“Dina took this as a personal offense and felt that by her family members members being nice to Danielle, they were going versus her. Once she left mid-seachild 2, she reduced off all ties via Jacqueline. To today, she is still holding on to her grudge.”

The drama has actually only ratcheted up with the years. As Radar newly reported, Dina threw a large fit when Laurita’s daughter, Ashlee Holmes, confirmed as much as do makeup at the present seaboy reunion and was heard screaming she “will certainly not film a show with Jacqueline.”

And on October 20, Dina hinted she might leave the present as she is done managing “horrible human being,” which many type of fans required to expect Laurita, Dina’s sister-in-law-turned-arch-adversary, Laurita.

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Do you think Dina have to let bygones be bygones and deal with her partnership with Jacqueline, or is she in the appropriate on their issues? Sound off in the comments.