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an initial I gain cold and also hotThink I\"m ~ above fire, yet I\"m not.Oh, what a ache I\"ve got,It should be loveThere\"s nothing I have the right to do,All that I desire is you.Look what I\"m walking through,It need to be loveIt need to be love, it have to be love.I loss like a sparrow and also fly prefer a dove.You have to be the dream i been dreaming of,Oh what a feeling, it must be loveSomething is dorn or right,I think that you all night.Can\"t sleep \"til morning light,It should be loveSeeing friend in my dreams,Holding you close to me.Oh, what else have the right to it be?It need to be loveIt have to be love, it have to be love.I autumn like a sparrow and also fly favor a dove.You should be the dream ns been dreaming ofOh what a feeling, it have to be love.
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