1- define the Problem2- identify decision criteria3- load the criteria4- Generate different courses of action5- Evaluate each alternative6- Compute the optimal decision

You are watching: ____ is the process of choosing a solution from available alternatives.

- the problem exists when there is a gap in between a desired state and also an currently state- to make decisions about problems supervisors must: 1. Be aware of the space 2. Be encouraged to reduce gap 3. Have actually the knowledge,skills, abilities, and also resources to carry out so
- Standards supplied to overview judgments and also decisions- the much more criteria a potential systems meets, the better that solution must be
Absolute comparisons: every criterion is contrasted to a traditional or ranked on its own meritRelative Comparisons: every criterion is compared directly come every other criterion
Multiply the rating because that each criterion by the weight for that criterionSum the scores because that each alternative
A decision-making process limited in the real people by:- restricted Resources- Incomplete and imperfect information- manager"s limited decision make capabilites
Means an excellent enough- The decision a manager needs to make based on the given conditions may just have to be "good enough"
- The tendency to stick w/ a wrong decision will regularly lead come a higher commitment that resources-Protection versus this - avoid being married come own ideas - progress Reports - outside auditors - change Managers
- theatre a large part and also only works ideal for proficient managers- can lead come carelessness and also inconsistent decision-making
The tendency of decision machines to provide preference to recent information, vivid photos that evoke emotions, and certain acts and behaviors the they personally observed- may overlook rational data
- as soon as decision machines judge the likelihood of one event"s occurrence based upon its similarity to events and their likelihood that occurrence
- The propensity of decision machines to use an initial worth or experience as a basis of comparison- Judgement is "anchored" by an initial value- when the anchor is "dropped", 2 things occur 1. All succeeding experiences are judged by your similarity to the anchor 2. All feasible decision choices tend come cluster around the anchor
- The group is insulated from others with different perspectives- The team leader expresses a solid preference for a details decision- over there is no established procedure for specifying problems and exploring alternatives- team members have similar backgrounds
1. Create a potential solution2. Entrust a devil"s support to criticize and also question3. Current the critique of the systems to vital decision makers4. Gather additional information5. Decide whether come use, change, or not usage the initially proposed solution
1. Generate a potential solution2. Determine the presumptions underlying the potential solution3. Create a conflicting respond to proposal based on opposite assumptions4. Have actually advocates of every position current their arguments and also engage in a controversy in prior of decision makers5. Decision whether come use, change, or not use the originally proposed solution
1. During a "quiet time", create as numerous problems/solutions as possible2. Every member share one idea at a time3. Principles posted ~ above flipcharts4. Groups discusses advantages/disadvantages5. Concepts are ranked throughout a second "quiet time"6. Members check out ranking aloud
1. Rally a panel of experts2. Develop a questoinnaire the open-ended questions3. Summarize the responses and also feed ago to the panel till the members with agreement4. Produce a brief report and also send come the dashboard members because that agreement/disagreement5. Continue the feedback procedure until dashboard reaches agreement
- A systematic strategy of trial and error to analyze and also evaluate potential solutions- boosts decision make by 1. Conducting experiments and also letting data decide 2. Saving time and also money by use mathematical faster way to check variables




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