As a music producer, rapper, fashion designer, shoes designer, art collector, and painter, Swizz Beatz portrays the true heart of the Bronx, brand-new York. Through net heritage of over $70 million, Swizz Beatz is arguably one of the many successful entrepreneurs in the afri American neighborhood of the United states of America.

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Swizz Beatz has actually a street in the Bronx called after him, the is the first “Producer in Residence” at brand-new York University, and The resource magazine named him one of the 20 largest producers because that its 20th anniversary. He has likewise been referred to as the ideal rap producer of every time. Switzerland started to knife recognition and also praise at the period of 16.

Swizz Beatz Bio

Swizz Beatz to be born on September 13, 1978, together Cashier Dean in the Bronx, brand-new York. The is that Afro-Jamaican and also Puerto Rican descent, his dad is stated to it is in an Eritrean immigrant that divorced his mom when Switzerland was very young. The was raised as a Muslim by his mother in the Northeast Bronx, attended bother S. Truman High School, and also was recent, in November 2017, called alumnus the the owner/president that the administration program in ~ Harvard service School.

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Although there to be rumors the Switzerland met Alicia keys in 2008, once he to be still legally married to Mashonda and apparently expecting a kid (unknown come him) with Jahna, this rumors were not confirmed until 2009 and also May 2010.

Swizz Beatz confirmed his engagement to Alicia Keys and announced that they were currently expecting a child together. Swizz and Alicia to be married on July 31, 2010,

on the French island the Corsica, and Alicia gave birth come her son Egypt Daoud a few months later, ~ above October 14, 2010.

On their fourth anniversary, 31 July 2014, the pair announced the they were expecting one more child, and also on 27 December 2014 Alicia provided birth to their 2nd son, Genesis Ali Dean. The couple seems happy together and we have the right to only great them many more years the marital bliss.

Brother and Mother

Swizz Beatz has a brother called Andre King. Andre to be born on may 1, 1987, and is a model, designer, and TV personality. He is currently in the cast of the reality TV collection Growing increase Hip-Hop.

Andre King offered to date a girl named Sanchali, yet he newly came out as gay and has received a the majority of support indigenous his family.

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Swizz is an extremely close to his mother, the sometimes short articles videos of she dancing alone or v him to Afrobeat sound on his Instagram page. Regardless of his really busy schedule, he constantly makes time because that her, and also she has actually been viewed accompanying him to miscellaneous celebrity events. She is beautiful and looks very young for a grandmother.