Marie Ulven aka “Girl in Red” is a Norwegian Singer-Songwriter and also Record Producer, her songs on mental Health, Infatuation, and Heartbreaks got popularity among many celebrities, she shot come fame with her bedroom pop songs around queer romance and also mental health. Taylor Swift praised Marie Ulven and also took to Instagram and also said she is listening come Marie Ulven’s debut album ‘If I can Make It walk Quiet’.

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Marie thanked pop star, Taylor Swift and also expressed her excitement ~ above Instagram, top top IG story Marie common Taylor’s story.

However, social media user referred to as her as “problematic” for her October 2020 Interview with southern China Morning Post, she stated her least favorite indigenous is ‘lesbian’ in the entire civilization “I know a lot of human being say ns a lesbian, yet that’s accurate my least favorite indigenous in the whole world.” Later, she took to Twitter and wrote “Hey guys. That saddens me to have actually to address this. This morning I received a huge variety of DMs and tweets saying that ns am either no gay (?) or that i am “lesbophobic”.


Then, the Singer continued “This source from a screenshot the one quote from an interview in i beg your pardon I said ‘lesbian’ was my the very least favorite word,” and included “Firstly, it is untrue that I’m not gay or that ns am “lesbophobic”. To also suggest this is really hurtful. Because that those who have to know, what i was referring to in mine interview to be my feeling towards the actual word ‘lesbian’ itself when used about MY sex-related identity.”

Later, Marie Ulven finish the statement v “Using words lesbian is not my preferred way of referring to myself in conversation” and also explained that this is the “second circumstances in a short duration of time” the she’s had actually to resolve inaccurate information about stuff she’s stated or suggested. She additionally urged pan to “respect and always take the moment to understand each various other within the whole context the themselves and their lives.”

What is Marie Ulven aka Girl in Red network Worth?
Marie Ulven aka Girl in Red net Worth$1 Million to $2 Million USD.
Marie Ulven aka Girl in Red Age22 years old
Marie Ulven aka Girl in Red Height5 feet 6 inch tall


Marie Ulven began her music job at the age of 14 ~ her grandfather introduced her to the guitar by gifting her together a Christmas gift in 2012, Marie many thanks her grandfather for sparking her attention in music, at first Marie walk on to learn piano, guitar, and music production without any kind of ones help. Prior to she sought her career in music assumed of becoming a teacher.

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In 2015, her father gifted she a Blue Yeti microphone and began uploading her work-related to SoundCloud under the moniker the “Lydia X.” In the meantime, Maire was acquisition guitar lessons for 6 months however decided to quit the class after she teacher refused to identify her attention in songwriting and also producing. In November 2016, Marie Ulven v the phase name Girl in Red released she debut solitary “I Wanna Be your Girlfriend” top top SoundCloud, and within 5 months duration her solitary streamed 5 thousands times and also this aided her come gain large online followers. In 2018, Marie released 2 singles “Summer Depression” and also “Girls” both became really popular and also gained countless views, in the very same year she winner “Norwegian freshman of the Year” in ~ the 2018 GAFFA Awards.


Later that year, she exit “I Wanna Be your Girlfriend” and was detailed at number 9 top top The new York Times list of “The 68 finest Songs of 2018,” likewise won “Årets Urørt” at the P3 Gull awards. In so late 2019, the singer signed a an international recording contract through British music distribution firm AWAL. In 2020, Marie exit the standalone holiday single “Two monarchs in a King size Bed”, and on 30th April 2021 the singer released her debut studio album, titled “If I might Make It walk Quiet,” it been supported by three singles named “Midnight Love”, “Rue”, and also “Serotonin.”