Does anyone have actually this issue? The bar ~ above the bottom does no go away however changes shade or it s okay weird like in the 2nd photo. Sometimes the text shown in the bar area gets moved over as soon as I move windows.

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What is wrong with my screen and how carry out I fix it?

model: MG632LL/A

version: 10.2.1


Pics attached...


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Reset the iPhone. Host the on/off and home buttons with each other for around 10 secs until the logo design appears.

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Thanks for responding. I tried that yet my phone ended up wanting come restore. Currently I have a pair light blue crate in the middle of the grey. Hmm.

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You should shot the restore.

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Restore your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch from a back-up - Support

Also examine Settings > general > warehouse & iCloud intake > control Storage (under Storage) and be details you have actually an pure minimum of 10% that the iPhone"s complete storage totally free at all times.

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Hi over there fox21,

Sorry that issue is going with your phone, I"ve had actually that occur in the past. This concern is more or less a "known issue" through the 6/6 to add - in i beg your pardon provided to introduce a screen replacement, yet has due to the fact that switched to replacing your an equipment for the cost of a display. This comes the end to $149 plus tax at your local store. The just thing barring them from doing this "repair" would be if liquid damage or a cracked in the screen can be found.

Book an meeting at to obtain this worry resolved.

As over there is no fast fix at home for this issue, i would host off in restoring the phone as argued by one more user.


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Apr 11, 2017 10:13 pm

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