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opposed Puritan ministers who distinguished saints from the damned through church attendance and moral behavior rather than through focusing on an inner state of grace.

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As a result of British landowners evicting peasants from their lands in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries:

efforts were made to encourage the poor and jobless to settle in the New World, thereby easing the British population crisis.

she violated Puritan doctrine by claiming that God spoke to her directly rather than through ministers or the Bible.

They allowed church and state to be interconnected by requiring each town to establish a church and levy a tax to support the minister.

How did Richard Hakluyt explain his claim that there was a connection between freedom and colonization?

It instituted the headright system, giving fifty acres of land to each colonist who paid for his own or another’s passage.

infant mortality rates were lower than in the Chesapeake colonies, because the environment was healthier.

It can be argued that conflict between the English settlers and local Indians in Virginia became inevitable when:

the Native Americans realized that England wanted to establish a permanent and constantly expanding colony, not just a trading post.

The 104 settlers who remained in Virginia after the ships that brought them from England returned home:

were all men, reflecting the Virginia Company’s interest in searching for gold as opposed to building a functioning society.

Which colony adopted the Act concerning Religion in 1649, which institutionalized the principle of religious toleration?

Which of the following is NOT a way that colonists undermined traditional Native American agriculture and hunting?

Their refusal to build fences and permanent structures created conflict with Native American hunting methods.

About half of the population lived at or below the poverty line by the end of the seventeenth century.

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Which one of the following is true of warfare between colonists and Native Americans during the seventeenth century?

They agreed that the Church of England retained too many elements of Catholicism in its rituals and doctrines.

Their officials in Massachusetts punished Quakers financially and physically, even hanging several of them.

Which one of the following lists these colonies in the proper chronological order by the dates they were founded, from the earliest to the latest?

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