Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il video musicale di Wicked Ways di Eminem contenuta nell"album The Marshall Mathers LP2 (Deluxe). “Wicked Ways” è una canzone di Eminem. Wicked Ways Lyrics.


I"m getting by v my angry waysI"m loading up and I"m taking namesI wanna destruction my method to hellI wanna destruction my way to hellI"m obtaining by v my evil waysI"m loading up and I"m taking namesI wanna destruction my means to hellI wanna destruction my way to hell

Guess I acquired a means with words, I might get away with murderEver heard that Aspergers"? It"s a rarely conditionIt"s what you"re sufferin" from as soon as you just don"t treatment if it"s an80 level day and there"s no frickin" air conditionin"And girlfriend can"t view the bitch’s hair is frizzin""Cause you obtained the windows up, blarin" the systemIn her Chevrolet PrizmThe adversary ain"t on a level exact same as himPicture someone that revels in right masochismAnd imagine the givin" one adjective one ass-whoopin"So poor they should put his ass in prisonA native bully, i verbally abuse verbsLike they go somethin" come me personallyUsed to get bullied, so I"d cut class and ditch itNow ns bully rap, I"m the shit, f*ggot (Sniff it!)Cadillac indigenous a K CarMy ass indigenous a hole in the ground, still can’t tell "em a-partCame directly out the trailer parkScreamin", "I"m proud come shop in ~ K-Mart," and also it came to be artAnd I"m still fed up and also as pissed off as they areTo this day I still gain in fights through the very same broadAt the exact same Walmart, arguin" over the very same cartIn the middle of the aisle whilin", ns don"t offer a fuck, i don"t playBitch, girlfriend think you saw this basket first?You"re ass backwards choose motherfuckin" Bob and also Silent JayIllest shit you can think I would certainly sayMind"s favor a heap of clayWhen"s the last time that you experienced a villain v a capeRipped a gapin" feet in it, flipped outRipped under the drapes, bound "em roughly my neckWent down the fire to escape of the empire StateSlipped, fell straight under to the groundSplattered everywhere the entire stateAnd right to hell, gained impaled by the gatesSaw Satan, grounding his face in one ashtrayWhile i sashayed roughly flames v a matchAnd I provided him the gas faceAnd this ain"t gained nothin" to execute with a scaleOr being gay, tiny faggot, but by the wayThoughts are gettin" darker through the dayI"m a combination of Skylar GreyTyler the Creator, and also Violent JIt"s a fuckin" wonder to be this lyricalPaint my challenge with clown makeup and a smiley faceI"m insane, every rhyme ns saySons you like an ultra-violet rayI’m sellin" hatred, buffet style, all the shit you have the right to eat$11.99, therefore come on and pile a plate!I’m throwin" down the gauntlet to view what hell I deserve to raiseWith the rhyme ns spittin" while ns shittin" on competitionIn the during it’s always mean time, I"m gettin"—

I"m getting by v my evil waysI"m loading up and I"m acquisition namesI wanna destruction my way to hellI wanna dig my means to hellI"m gaining by through my angry waysI"m loading up and also I"m acquisition namesI wanna dig my way to hellI wanna destruction my way to hell

I’ve been a job assholeI don’t check out why this people constantly got mine backI done said so much fucked increase shitI was born a mistake, however I was put here not through accidentI had a purpose and that purposeWas to beat a beat purplish, slaughter tracksI done placed my 2 dimes and also a nickel in this shitI’m comin" to acquire that quarter backLike Ndamukong, the drama deserve to buildYour mama deserve to ask me for my autograph"Cause the cougar"s a MILFShe"s the oldest trick in the book, however I certain would loss for what done lugged a bat to a rocket launcher fightWhen I obtain on the mic I"ma snapMake you great the ambulance that took me to the hospitalWhen i overdosed woulda recorded a flatIf it makes you sick to your stomach acidIndigestion, mine suggestion’s KaopectateIf that feels favor I"m runnin" away through the gameIt"s "cause ns am, don"t speculate, spectateAll I acquired is cock for days and insults because that decadesBut I gain by v my evil waysLady, you have the right to suck a dick "til your neck achesCry "til you get puffy eyes, red facedBut I"m leavin" ~ above this jet planeYou ain"t fly, you"re one airheadAnd I"m ailing of poundin" a square peg in a ring holeSorry, another catchphraseBut her baggage ain"t gon" right in my warehouse overhead space"Cause it just ain"t huge enough come fit her damaged goodsOther words: don"t try to placed your love in a headcase"Cause baby, stable mentally ns ain"tI need my meds, ns peed mine bedI"m going blind, i don"t check out my legs, I save on fall downNo wonder girlfriend can"t was standing me, I require my caneSomeone aid me, ns think my face is meltingIf girlfriend felt this migrainesAnd check out these maggots eat my brainThis G-I-A-N-T hole in my north headIf you check out my mind, you have the right to see my painAnd you"d see why ns be this wayEver since I to be knee-high playin" v G.I. JoesTold this hoes shut your P-I-E holes, currently peep my game"Cause I"m "bout that "bout itLike a fuckin" (fuckin") echo (echo)(Psych) Psycho top top a cyclone cycle, spiralin", here I goI"m outta manage like no other mic goStab friend "til the knife walk – dullI"m nothin" however a feet inside her skull wherein your eye goes"Cause I"ma sock it come you!Dyke ho, friend don"t choose it?Get on her Harley Davidson term cycleAnd journey it prefer a motorbikeI"m finna punch the mic the whole night, soStrike increase the fuckin" maestro, I"m nitroAnd hi, ho, hand me mine shovel!I"m responsible to dig my feet deeperAnd it"s off to H-E double hockey sticks, ns go

I"m getting by through my wicked waysI"m loading up and also I"m acquisition namesI wanna destruction my means to hellI wanna dig my method to hellI"m gaining by with my evil waysI"m loading up and I"m acquisition namesI wanna destruction my means to hellI wanna dig my method to hell

Ohh, please be emptyPlease it is in empty, please be emptyThank you, God!Shit… Is the a girl?I"m gonna rock this blouse and also put a cock in mine mouthAnd gain my balls go out out, and get gay into the A.MAnd lay through eighteen men nakedAnd allow myself show, let myself showButtfuck it, suck it, traction it, tug itLife"s too short to no stroke her boneSo everybody, everybodyCircle jerk, touch mine bodyWho is that? Where are you going? Come back!Why walk everyone constantly leave me?Hello? Fuck girlfriend then!Blow it out your ass!