Recently, comedian Daniel Tosh freshly quipped from phase that “rape joke are always funny.” A woman disagreed! (I’m sure countless women did, yet this one did so the end loud!)

Tosh shoot back, “Wouldn’t it be funny if the girl got raped by like, five guys right now? prefer right now? What if a bunch that guys simply raped her…”

The lady blogs have done plenty of coverage of this matter. Ever Mainard’s “feminist rape joke” gained renewed play.

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Quoth Elissa Bassist top top The day-to-day Beast, arguing that you deserve to make jokes about awful things as a method to process them, however that Tosh didn’t:

“That’s not a joke. That an invitation. The a celebration event of a violent crime, which is itself an additional violation. It’s not a method to cope. That a ‘this is something we have the right to do and also then laugh about it, no large deal.’”

Of course, plenty of famous comedians rushed come Tosh’s defense. The owner that the Laugh Factory protected Tosh’s joke on the basis the the remainder of the audience gave the action a standing ovation. That, the course, is not how origin works in ~ all. If girlfriend tell a racist joke to anyone you know and also they all think it’s hilarious, that way that all your friends are racists. Informing a racist hoax to racists, who like it, does not somehow do the joke no racist. Informing rape jokes to human being who love rape jokes way that a the majority of shitty civilization were in a room together.

But this is such an old conversation. Therefore old. The was simply this January when Dane Cook made some “jokes” about how the “chainsaw-fucked” a “disgusting whore’s cunt.”

I have performed in countless comedy clubs. Ns have also performed in hipsterish bar backrooms, university theaters, a Methodist church basement, numerous outdoor step on army bases in Kuwait and also Qatar, in the plane hangar that a navy aircraft carrier, and, happily, at Boston’s women in Comedy Festival. Ns don’t call myself a comedian anymore. Ns an education humorist, and also that suits me better.

Comedy clubs are, in mine opinion, mainly awful. And also it’s a self-perpetuating bicycle of awfulness. A society tries to placed a quite balance the comedians top top its stage (meaning one female comic because that every 4 or 5 masculine comics, and some balance the race, age, type of act, etc.)

But the comedy civilization contains a good many men who believe that because they room “liberals” (that is, they hate Republicans), as such anything they say about women is fine. (Chainsaws!) So ladies don’t go to comedy clubs in all over near the number that guys do. Which means that plenty of club owners publication even under female comics, or they publication the mrs comics castle think will appeal come men. So also fewer ladies go. Also, in mine experience, most women space mortified by getting referred to as out native the phase if they try to acquire up to go to the bathroom. Oh, we space shrill, humorless bitches who simply want to walk to the toilet without anyone thinking about it!

It is in this circle of Dante’s Inferno the pointing out, “You know, the statistically most likely that at least eleven people in this room have actually been sexually struck in your lifetimes…” will be pertained to as an action of CRA-ZAY, irregularity feminist harpydom.

Let’s Re-gender. Thanks.

We together a society have end up being somewhat inured come the “It’s always much better when the stripper is crying” brand of humor.

Would straight guys like comedy clubs if most of the comics were seven foot high gay men talking about how that hilarious to rape straight men, but likewise how stupid straight males are and also how gross their dicks are? (I execute think the size worry is important — if you’ve spent your entirety life aware of the reality that the bulk of men can physically overpower you, something in the back of your mind lights the fuck up at also a “hilarious” “fake” threat.)

Let’s re-gender! You know what’s hilarious around a male stripper? when it turns out he’s gained two youngsters at home he’s do the efforts to feed by showing off his body, even though that doesn’t desire to. Ha, what a dick.

Here is a list of “Your Dad” jokes the I created by Googling “list that your mommy jokes” and also making some an easy gender substitutions:

Your dad is therefore fat his blood form is rocky road.

Your dad is so bad when i rang the doorbell he grounding his head out the window and yelled “Ding dong!”

Your dad’s armpits so stink so bad he placed on ideal Guard and also it went left.

Your dad’s therefore fat, researchers have asserted his ass to be the 10th planet.

Your dad’s so bad he can’t also pay attention!

Your dad’s so bad he chases the rubbish truck through a purchase list.

Your dad is for this reason fat once we were having sex ns rolled end 9 times and I was still ~ above the motherfucker.

Your dad is for this reason ugly your Grandma threw him on the street and was charged for littering.

Your dad is like a bowling ball — gets picked up, fingered, thrown in the gutter, and comes back for more.

How execute you feel around these? i guess if you hate fat people and poor people, you might like these jokes. Yet overall, this small selection of “your dad” hoax paints a picture of a man so financially beaten under that the is affiliated in one exploitative sexual relationship. That renders me type of sad.

I mean, I’ve certainly laughed at part “your mom” jokes. But I wonder just how much “comedy” (that is, what I’ve to be culturally conditioned to think of as funny) has actually desensitized me to some pretty dreadful shit people think is funny as soon as it’s about women.

Why It’s perfect Reasonable come “Make a huge Deal” about “One small Joke”

Mention Tosh or Cook’s outbursts to most comedians, and also you’ll it is in told that most great comics aren’t favor that, or that, sure, yes a tiny of that yet a most jokes around other things, and, really, those the large deal?

Eh. I mean, if you were on a date with someone and also he dubbed you a “fat cunt”, that day would it is in over, right? No issue what various other awesomely witty points the guy had actually to say? and also if this happened at a rate dating event and also the guy who said that were simply one of numerous guys you will do be seeing that evening – sure, you’d obviously be in a fabulous mood come meet an additional (perfectly innocent!) guy ten minutes after being called a fat cunt, right?

Well, it is a poor night in ~ a comedy society for me and also plenty of various other people. One hour of ha-ha doesn’t really consist of for that one time you were jam-packed right into a room of civilization laughing choose hyenas in ~ something seriously racist, or advocating violence versus women. I’m no really primed to have a good time anymore.

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I once performed in a benefit show because that a YWCA that worked with victim of domestic violence. Every the comics were women, and the show was attended almost entirely through the staff at the YWCA, all of whom to be women, and mostly females of color. And also we, the comics, heard repeatedly: “I didn’t think I could ever go watch comedy,” or “I didn’t understand comedy can be favor this.” the is, funny to women that don’t think violence against women is funny. By which I mean: funny.