Recording impressions together you research is one method you deserve to obey god’s counsel to “treasure up wisdom” (Doctrine and also Covenants 38:30).

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Record her Impressions

Create a Note

to the at an early stage Saints, the Church was much more than a place to hear some preaching top top Sunday. Throughout His revelations to Joseph Smith, the Lord described the Church v words choose cause, kingdom, Zion, and, rather often, work. That may have actually been part of what attracted plenty of early members come the Church. As much as they loved the Church’s revitalized doctrine, many additionally wanted other they could dedicate their lives to. Even so, the Lord’s 1830 command come the Saints to gather in Ohio to be not straightforward for part to follow. For civilization like Phebe Carter, it intended leaving comfortable dwellings for an unfamiliar frontier (see “Voices of the Restoration” at the finish of this outline). Today we deserve to see plainly what those Saints might see just with the eye of faith: the lord had an excellent blessings wait for lock in Ohio.

The have to gather to Ohio has actually long since passed, but Saints this day still unite roughly the very same cause, the very same work: to “bring soon Zion” (Doctrine and Covenants 39:13). Choose those beforehand Saints, we forsake “the care of the world” (Doctrine and also Covenants 40:2) due to the fact that we trust the Lord’s promise: “You shall get … a blessing so good as friend never have actually known” (Doctrine and Covenants 39:10).

See additionally Saints, 1:109–11.


Ideas for personal Scripture Study

Doctrine and Covenants 37:1

What was Joseph blacksmith translating in 1830?

In this verse, the mr was referring to Joseph Smith’s job-related on an influenced revision the the Bible, i beg your pardon was referred to as a “translation.” as soon as Joseph obtained the revelation recorded in section 37, he had completed a couple of chapters that the publication of Genesis and had simply learned about Enoch and also his city that Zion (see Genesis 5:18–24; Moses 7). Few of the ethics the lord taught Enoch are similar to those that revealed in section 38.

See likewise Church history Topics, “Joseph smith Translation that the Bible,”


Joseph blacksmith works with Sidney Rigdon top top an influenced revision that the Bible. Illustration through Annie Henrie Nader

Doctrine and also Covenants 38

God gathers us to bless us.

The lord concluded His command to gather to Ohio through saying, “Behold, right here is wisdom” (Doctrine and Covenants 37:4). However not everyone experienced the wisdom in it right away. In section 38, the mr revealed His wisdom in an ext detail. What do you discover from verses 11–33 about the blessing of gathering? Church members are no much longer commanded to gather by moving to one location; in what ways do we gather today? how do this blessings apply to us? (see Russell M. Nelson, “The gathering of Scattered Israel,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2006, 79–81).

As you read the rest of this section, look for passages the may have helped the Saints acquire the confidence they needed to follow God’s commandment to conference in Ohio. Likewise think around commandments the has given you and the confidence you have to obey them. The following questions can guide her study:

What else perform you find?

Doctrine and also Covenants 38:11–13, 22–32, 41–42

If ns am prepared, I need not fear.

The Saints had already faced much opposition, and the mr knew much more was comes (see Doctrine and also Covenants 38:11–13, 28–29). To help them not be afraid, that revealed a precious principle: “If ye are all set ye shall not fear” (Doctrine and also Covenants 38:30). Take a minute to ponder the difficulties you face. Then as you examine section 38, listen for promptings indigenous the Spirit around ways you have the right to prepare for obstacles so the you require not fear.

See likewise Ronald A. Rasband, “Be not Troubled,” Ensign or Liahona, Nov. 2018, 18–21.

Doctrine and Covenants 39–40

The cares of the world must not distract me native obeying oh my gosh word.

Read sections 39–40, including the historic background in the section headings, and consider ways James Covel’s suffer might use to you. For example, think that times once your “heart … was right before ” (Doctrine and also Covenants 40:1). How were girlfriend blessed for her faithfulness? also think of what “cares the the world” you face (Doctrine and Covenants 39:9; 40:2). What execute you discover in these sections the inspires you come be an ext consistently obedient?

See also Matthew 13:3–23.



concepts for family Scripture Study and also Home Evening

Doctrine and also Covenants 37:3.To assist your household understand the sacrifice the Saints make to conference to Ohio, you can refer come the map the accompanies this outline.

Doctrine and also Covenants 38:22.

How have the right to we do Jesus Christ our family’s “lawgiver”? how does following His legislations make us “a free people”?

Doctrine and also Covenants 38:24–27.

To teach kids what it means to “be one,” friend could help them count the members of your family and talk around why each person is necessary to her family. Emphasize that with each other you room one family. Friend could aid your children draw a big 1 on a poster and also decorate it v names and drawings or pictures of each family members member. Girlfriend could additionally write ~ above the poster things you will do to be an ext united as a family. Girlfriend might additionally watch the video clip “Love in our Hearts” ( or review Moses 7:18.

Doctrine and Covenants 38:29–30.

You could discuss recent household or personal experiences that required preparation. Exactly how did her preparation influence the experience? What does the lord want united state to prepare for? How deserve to being prepared assist us no to it is in fearful? What can we execute to prepare?

Doctrine and also Covenants 40.

What go the phrase “cares that the world” (verse 2) average to us? space there any cares of the civilization that are staying clear of us from receiving God’s native “with gladness”? exactly how will we overcome them?

For more ideas for teaching children, see this week’s rundown in Come, monitor Me—For Primary.

Suggested song: “Jesus stated Love Everyone,” children Songbook, 61.


Among the countless Saints who gathered come Ohio in the 1830s was Phebe Carter. She join the Church in the northeastern United claims in her mid twenties, though she parents did not. She later wrote of her decision to relocate to Ohio come unite through the Saints:

“My girlfriend marveled at my course, as did I, but something within impelled me on. Mine mother’s grief at my leaving residence was almost much more than I can bear; and also had it not been because that the soul within i should have faltered at the last. My mom told me she would rather see me buried than going therefore alone out right into the heartless world.

“‘,’ she said, impressively, ‘will friend come back to me if you uncover Mormonism false?’

“I answered, ‘yes, mother; i will.’ … my answer relieved her trouble; but it expense us all much sorrow to part. Once the time come for my leave I dared not trust myself to say farewell; so I created my good-byes to each, and also leaving lock on my table, ran downstairs and jumped right into the carriage. Hence I left the beloved home of mine childhood to connect my life with the saints of God.”1

In one of those farewell messages, Phebe wrote:

“Beloved Parents—I am now around to leaving my head roof because that a when … I recognize not how long—but not without grateful feelings for the kindness i beg your pardon I have received from my infancy until the current time—but Providence seems to order that otherwise now than it has actually been. Let united state commit every these things right into the hands of Providence and be thankful the we have actually been allowed to live together so lengthy under therefore favorable scenarios as us have, believing that all things will job-related for our good if we love God supremely. Let united state realize the we can pray come one God who will hear the thank you prayers of every his creatures and also give us that which is ideal for us. …

“Mother, I think it is the will of God for me to go to the west and I have been encouraged that it has been because that a long time. Now the means has opened up … ; I believe that that is the spirit of the lord that has done the which is sufficient for every things. O be not anxious for her child; the Lord will comfort me. I think that the Lord will take treatment of me and give me the which is because that the best. … ns go because my grasp calls—he has actually made my duty plain.”2


In Edward W. Tullidge, The females of Mormondom (1877), 412.

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Phebe Carter letter to her parents, no date, Church history Library, Salt Lake City; punctuation modernized. Phebe join the Church in 1834, moved to Ohio around 1835, and married Wilford Woodruff in 1837.