If girlfriend can’t play particular videos in your web browser, you may have a hardware acceleration problem. Customers who have enabled this setup are most likely to see the error blog post “If playback doesn’t start quickly, shot restarting her device. The trouble may likewise be concerned the brand-new HTML5 video clip player, which is at this time being used on renowned video-sharing communication such together YouTube.

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You deserve to solve this difficulty by transforming your web browser settings or installing add-ons for the new YouTube HTML5 player. Girlfriend can also uninstall or update your video card drivers. If every else fails, you can shot one of the following solutions all set by surfacetoairnewyork.com.

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How to solve the problem “If the playback doesn’t begin quickly, try rebooting the device”Frequently inquiry Questions

What reasons “If playback doesn’t begin quickly, shot rebooting the device”?


This problem can be brought about by jammed audio gadgets such together headphones or speakers. Try transforming your audio maker or restarting it. If you space using headphones, shot unplugging them and plugging them earlier in.

There could be several reasons for this problem, together as permitting hardware acceleration in the Google Chrome web browser or the new HTML5 video clip player offered by Youtube.

How to solve the problem “If the playback doesn’t begin quickly, try rebooting the device”


Updating graphic driver

Press home windows + R, form “devmgmt.msc” (without the quotes) and also press enter to open an equipment Manager.After that, right-click on the video clip card again and select “Update Drivers”.Select “Automatically examine for to update drivers” and also let the procedure finish.If the over step aided solve your problem, great, if not, keep going.Select “Update Driver Software” again, but this time select “Scan my computer for driver software” top top the following screen.Now select “Select from the list of accessible drivers on mine computer.”Finally, pick the driver that is compatible through your Nvidia video card from the list and also click Next.Allow the above process to complete and also restart your computer to conserve your changes.

After updating your graphics card, friend may be able to fix the “If playback doesn’t begin quickly, shot restarting her device” error.

Turn off the Hardware Acceleration

Turn turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome:

Open Google Chrome, click the three dots in the peak right corner, and select Settings.Now scroll down the page until you find “Advanced” (which is most likely at the very bottom) and click top top it.Scroll down till you find “System Preferences” and also make sure you’ve unchecked or disabled the “Use hardware acceleration when available” option.Restart Chrome, and that should assist you deal with the error. If playback doesn’t begin quickly, shot restarting your device.

Disable hardware acceleration in Firefox:

Open Firefox, kind “about: preferences” (without quotes) in the attend to bar, then push Enter.Scroll under to the performance section and also uncheck “Use recommended power settings.”Under Performance, uncheck the “Use hardware acceleration once available” box.Close Firefox and also restart your computer.

Turn turn off hardware acceleration in net Explorer:

Press windows + R, kind inetcpl.cpl, and also press get in to open internet Properties.Now walk to the advanced tab and also check the “Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering” option.Click “Apply” and also then “OK” to disable hardware acceleration.Restart IE and also see if the trouble can it is in resolved.

Uninstalling graphics drivers

Right-click the NVIDIA graphics card in an equipment Manager and also select Uninstall.When motivated to confirm, choose Yes.Press home windows + R, type control, and then push Enter.In the control Panel, click Uninstall program.Then uninstall anything pertained to Nvidia.Reboot your system to conserve your changes, and also download the installer again native the manufacturer’s website.When you’re certain you’ve uninstalled everything, try installing the drivers again.

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Frequently inquiry Questions

Repair corrupted system files.Turn off hardware acceleration in Chrome browser.Try to run Chrome as an administrator.Update/delete nVidia graphic driver update.Change the audio device.Install add-ons for the HTML5 player.