AEG Live, Colorado society and a group of music lovers hosted the sixth AnnualIcelantic’s Winter on the Rocks with ZEDD,Anderson .Paak & the free Nationals, Lil Dicky, Lophiile andDJ Cassidy live ~ above stage.

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The entertainment held a mix the electronic, hip-hop and different rock.


ZEDD,Russian-born German record producer, headlined the occasion with his high energy electronic dance music. ~ winning a GRAMMY in 2014 v Foxes, ZEDD has end up being one of the largest and most renown producer in the world.

His headlining power matched his level the professionalism. It significant my second time seeing his live set. His originalmusic provides the performance added depth. I noticed him utilizing a the majority of samples. When provided properly, theydo acquire a good crowd reaction, yet I am more of a pan of his initial material.

Anderson .Paak and the totally free Nationals

Red Rocks Park and Amphitheatre held a mix of different acts that January 27, 2017. Among the many exciting and talented groups was Anderson .Paak and the cost-free Nationals.

Each time I have actually seen them carry out live ~ above stage, the band had an elaborate method of using residence music to open up the show. As soon as the band gained going in freeze temperatures, lock warmed up the Icelantic’s Winter top top the Rocks crowd through the song ‘Come Down.’

The team recently picked up GRAMMY nominations forBest Urban modern Album and also Best brand-new Artist. That will confront competition for the GRAMMYs on February 12.

Lil Dicky
Lil Dicky in ~ Icelantic’s Winter on the Rocks 2017. Photo by: Matthew McGuire

Despite no picking up any kind of GRAMMY nominations for experienced Rapper, Lil Dicky pushes forward.

During hisIcelantic’s Winter top top the Rocks set he busted out hits such as ‘Lemme Freak,’ ‘Molly,’ and also ‘$ave dat Money.’

He sported a throwback ’90s Starter pullover jacket through the Charlotte Hornets. Lil Dicky additionally gave a tribute to Nate Dogg.

Overall, it to be pretty comparable to his collection at the 2016 Hangout Music Festival, however Lil Dicky is still among the finest entertainers working the stage.

Lophiile and also DJ Cassidy performed electronic dance music if the crowd filled into Red Rocks. The venue was close to being packed with music lovers in frigid weather. It lugged out the most diehard music fans, and was a distinct evening in Morrison, Colorado.

One of the special parts to picking up VIP passes, or being able come cover a present for media atRed Rocks Park and also Amphitheatre, is being able to attach with among the vehicle drivers named Rob. He has actually been driving at Red Rocks because that years, and also held a large amount of info on past years atIcelantic’s Winter ~ above the Rocks.

Icelantic’s Winter ~ above the Rocks 2015. Photo by: Robert A. Brown

Rob mutual a photo with me from two years ago when snowfall was taking place with concert lighting.

With the skies gift clear this year, it gave the music the spotlight to shine. Anderson .Paak to be off the charts, and mentioned the the live present was the best showthe band ever before had.

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Browse end the image below, and connect v theRed Rocks Park and also Amphitheatre because that upcoming shows.