Intel has a substantial line up of chipset to choose from, core i3, main point i5, main point i7, core i9 and also the Xenon, the desktop computer class CPUs, i beg your pardon offer peak of the line handling power. Choosing a CPU by simply looking at the model number could be a little bit confusing at time. So, right here is the comparison between the three processors, which have a comparable model name. What space the differences in between the main point i7-7700 Vs i7-7700HQ Vs i7-7700K chipsets? Let"s find out.

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The differences

On a vast spectrum, these 3 chipsets deserve to be differentiated using the performance. The Intel core i7-7700HQ

One an ext reason to pick the core i7-7700K over the core i7-7700 is the lull of overclocking the CPU. Both CPUs does assistance overclocking. However, the K moniker offers much better thermal performances also after overclocking contrasted to the main point i7-7700. In terms of cache memory, the Intel core i7-7700HQ offers a 6M the cache memory, vice versa, the Intel main point i7-7700 and the i7-7700K supplies 8M of cache memory.


In terms of pricing, the core i7-7700HQ is priced at $378 and the main point i7-7700 and the i7-7700K sleeve for $300 and $350, respectively. Though the main point i7-7700HQ is the least powered chipset ~ above this lot, that costs more than the core i7-7700 and the main point i7-7700K, because of the reality that, the core i7-7700HQ is a processor i m sorry is intended for laptops and low-specced PCs, vice versa, the core i7-7700 and also the core i7-7700HQ are desktop class CPUs, which offer an ext power and performance.

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From the specifications and benchmark scores, the is apparent that the Intel main point i7-7700 and also the i7-7700K space the quicker desktop-class CPUs. Lock require an ext power and much more cooling and also offers greater performance in the solitary core and double core performances. Whereas, the main point i7-7700HQ is a laptop processor, which consumes low power and likewise underperforms compared to the above-mentioned desktop processor. All three processors represent 7th Gen Intel technology. Come conclude, if girlfriend are looking for a laptop v Intel processor, then go for the one v Intel main point i7-7700HQ. However, if friend are building a PC, then go through the Intel i7-7700K rather of the Intel 7700, as the Intel i7-7700K offer much more performance and also in nearly the same price range.