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Michał indigenous PolandThe story the one songAnswering the concern posed through Reg native Kemptville, On"I will certainly follow him" (originally "Chariot")The initial version was instrumental and was played by "Franck Pourcel and His Orchestra" in 1961 (authors Franck Pourcel and also Paul Mauriat).First important cover in 1961 by "The four Dreamers".The an initial song to this music was sung by Petula Clark, and the song showed up on the album "Petula" in 1962. Follow to another version, the first band to be "Les Satellites" who played and sang this track (also in French) in 1961. Unfortunately, but I can"t verify it because that now, I require sources.The version we at this time know, popularized and also sang in English by the fifteen-year-old "Little" Peggy march in march 1963. The writer of this version were Arthur Altman, Norman Gimbel, Jacques Plante, Del Roma, J.W. Table.Ricky Nelson videotaped the song in might 1963.George indigenous Vancouver, CanadaHer voice is richer than Sandy Posey"s version.Bernard from LavalAccording to Fr.Wikipedia it was Clarke who released it 1st, in "62. Percy belief did an crucial version in "62. Ricky Nelson go a vocal version.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyLuigi Creatore, who with his cousin Hugo Peretti, created hits because that Sam Cooke, Perry Como, the Stylistics, "Little" Peggy March*, the Isley Brothers, and also Jimmie Rogers, died of pneumonia top top Sunday December 13th, 2015 in Boca Raton, Florida at the period of 93... The two, together with George Weiss, additionally co-wrote Elvis Presley"s "Can"t aid Falling In Love" and were co-owners at once of Roulette Records before founding Avco Records... Might he R.I.P.?* He was the co-producer of "Little" Peggy March"s #1 record "I will Follow Him".Barry from Sauquoit, NyOn April 24th 1963, tiny Peggy march performed "I will Follow Him" ~ above the NBC-TV regime "The Perry Como Show"...One month previously on in march 17th, 1963 it gotten in Billboard"s warm Top 100 at position #90...And top top the job she showed up on the "Como" show she had actually reached #1 2 days earlier on April 21st; the song remained at #1 for three weeks...On might 19th, 1963 it got to #1 (for 1 week) on Billboard"s warm R&B Singles chart...The track "If you Wanna be Happy" by Jimmy Soul thrived it in ~ #1 top top both the optimal 100 chart and the R&B Singles chart...R.I.P. Mr. Como (1912 - 2001) and also Ms. March, born Margaret Annemarie Battavio, commemorated her 66th birthday last month on march 8th.Christopher native Charlotte, NcThe an initial recording of this tune was in 1961 by Franck Pourcel and also His grand Orchestra. It to be done together an important recording(not even the original French Lyrics had been created yet) It appeared on his 1961 European release LP Amour Danse Et Violons No. 17. The first cover also an critical was by The 4 Dreamers. The an initial vocal version by by Les Satellites through Paul Mauriat"s Orchestra.Reg indigenous Kemptville, OnWhich to be released first -- Petula Clark"s "Chariot" (in French) or "I will Follow Him" in English by tiny Peggy March?Matthew from Milford, Ma...Hello?Matthew indigenous Milford, MaThis song renders me think that Amy climbed from the Sonic the Hedgehog series... Ns think the the Sonic fans the end there will understand what I"m talking about!Lester from brand-new York City, NyGilda Radner (as Emily Litela) sang "I will certainly Swallow Him" top top SNLTaja indigenous Slov. Konjice, united StatesWHERE can I gain NOTES ?FOR THIS SONG(I will certainly FOLOW HIM)Lalah indigenous Wasilla, AkMadeline Kahn sang this track in a SNL skit back in the 1970s, i think.Fyodor native Denver, CoA favorite of Church of Satan leader Anton LaVey.Howard native St. Luigi Park, MnI remember hearing the tune in the Whoopi Goldberg movie sister Act.see more comments

"Spoonman" by Soundgarden is about a genuine street demonstrate in Seattle: Artis the Spoonman.

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hot For TeacherVan Halen

The voice the Waldo in van Halen"s "Hot for Teacher" video clip was the late Phil Hartman the Saturday Night Live Fame.

FrankensteinEdgar Winter

"Frankenstein" through Edgar Winter gained its name since it was a monster to edit; lock pieced that together prefer Frankenstein"s monster.


Kesha"s 2017 track "Woman" was the first song titled "Woman" sung by a woman to reach the warm 100. The prior "Woman" singles to reach the chart to be all videotaped by male acts.

Truckin"Grateful Dead

"Truckin"" was written as the thankful Dead were beginning their long, strange trip, settling right into a life of continuous touring. They rode busses and also holed increase in modest hotels to remain grounded.

that Ain"t Heavy, He"s my BrotherThe Hollies

The motto for boys Town, which to be a Nebraska residence for troubled youth, inspired the song "He Ain"t Heavy, He"s mine Brother" by The Hollies.

Billy Joe ShaverSongwriter Interviews

The outlaw country icon talks around the spiritual aspect of his songwriting and his Bob Dylan mention.

Todd RundgrenSongwriter Interviews

Todd Rundgren defines why he stays clear of "Hello It"s Me," and also what it was like creating Meat Loaf"s Bat the end of Hell album.

Gary Brooker that Procol HarumSongwriter Interviews

The command singer and also pianist for Procol Harum, Gary talks about finding the musical concepts to complement the words.

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U2Fact or Fiction

How go The Edge get his name? go they name a track after a Tolkien book? and also who is "Angel the Harlem" about?

Artis the SpoonmanSong creating

Even prior to Soundgarden created a song around him, Artis to be the most famous spoon player of every time. For this reason why has he always been broke?

Trucking Songs the Were #1 HitsSong writing

The story behind the biggest hit songs about trucking.