Joe: Y’know, I don’t think that people really appreciate their parents until they get older. I mean, at least I can say that about myself. And I think it’s true of, y’know, here in America.

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Kristin: Yeah, I was gonna say in this culture, anyway. Yeah I can totally agree with that.

What does "I was going to say" mean here ?

Source: Real English Conversation (A.J Hoge)


Kristin says that when she heard Joe say "Y’know, I don’t think that people really appreciate their parents until they get older." she wanted to add that it"s true to this culture <= not necessarily everywhere else>, but then he finished and mentions that too. So she adds that to emphasise that particular point (it"s true to this culture) and to say that if Joe hadn"t finished his thought, she would have added that.

And for the record it isn"t past continous, it"s a "future in the past" expression, you can read more about it here:


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