I walk to several proms. My kids went to number of proms. My wife went to no proms.

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I nothing think any kind of of us has any regrets about going or not going to any prom. But I’m also certain that nobody of us who went to those proms think it was vital or an important experience in ~ all. It was overblown, and also therefore guaranteed to be something the a letdown. Everyone felt vaguely bad and also inadequate for not having a much better time, even though because that the most component people were having actually an yes time.

If you would choose to dance with some girls, and also maybe gain dressed up and also look a small different 보다 you carry out every day, and also see other world all pull on up, too, if you go you will be able to do that. Nothing worry around going stag; that’s a lot simpler than going v a date with whom you space not 100% comfortable. If nobody of that appeals come you, you probably won’t have fun, so nothing go and don’t feel prefer you missed anything important.

Didn’t walk b/c nobody asked me - years later, my three close masculine friends express regret that they hadn’t been conscious enough come ask me to go together a friend, when they realized that’s why i didn’t go. (Things were various in the rock ages, and also you combine up or no go). Carry out I regret it? no at all with the street of time - however it walk sting a little at the time.

I did not go to my high school senior prom, and have never regretted it. I took pleasure in my junior prom yet we broke up before an elderly year, and also I was honestly relieved not to need to pay because that a ticket.

Son checked out the senior prom during his freshman, junior, and senior years. He was asked through friends who were upperclasswomen for the first 2, and also he request his best friend as soon as they were seniors. All of his dates knew that is gay, however they likewise know he is funny to hang approximately with. His ideal friend told that she would certainly go with him as long as the would likewise go through her 4 various other friends, that were dateless. He speak to the tux rental place and also got six bowties - 5 of them in the various colors to match their costume for the pictures, and also then that wore a rainbow tie most of the evening.

Some of his high college time to be not great - like anyone else, high school can sometimes suck. Yet he determined to do the finest of it. Have actually fun, its just one night.

Whatever friend decide, nothing waste any time top top regrets later.

I didn’t go to mine, yet if you can still walk (even if alone), I would take the opportunity of going and also trying to have actually some fun. Ns think you will do it be glad you didn’t miss out on out on this iconic an elderly moment in time.

BTW, mine eldest student went to both junior and senior proms, and also my youngest walk to an elderly prom. They to be both happy they did. Good memories! and also their parents to be equally glad they participated in this time-honored tradition. However agree, it’s not for all.

Didn’t go. At the time it had actually fallen in popularity and also was other that only a smaller team of college student (the people who arranged the prom) would certainly attend and along with others in established relationships. Countless of us did other else that night.I additionally want come say that i am impressed that the OP made an effort to ask the girls.

I do the failure of asking a girl i was dating way too early. By the time prom rolled around, ns didn’t really desire to go with her anymore however she’d currently bought her dress. On peak of that, she was grounded for a month the night before and only permitted to walk to prom, so she was in a lousy mood. Then she bespeak steak and also lobster because that dinner and decided she didn’t prefer lobster after ~ one bite. Fine. I LOVE lobster, so i took it house to eat later and also went come an after party (put on by the school) until dawn. Gained home hungry and also looked in the frig, but no lobster. My mother got up.

Mom: how did the go?Me: Lousy. I carried a lobster tail home, though. Can’t find it.Mom: Oh, I dislike it.Me: What?!?! The entirety thing?! Why?Mom: I got up in the middle of the night and also was hungry. Sorry.Me: Women!

But I had to laugh. To perform something prefer that was so unlike her the it to be funny. It additionally capped off the whole experience. The only good thing around prom was that an uncle loaned me his fancy new car because that the entire weekend.

Few turning points in her life beat out like a movie scene, and also prom is a blip on the display in the full function film of life. I wouldn’t worry about missing it. If you’d gone, you’d have spent a lot of money, possibly had a lousy time, and then learned that your mommy ate your lobster.

You have actually many an ext and far better things to come. Ns promise.

I went to two, one v someone ns barely knew so the he would have actually a date, one v my boyfriend at the time. Both space equally forgettable nights, in hindsight. My oldest went to two each his junior and an elderly years and the ones that he took pleasure in were once he went through someone unique to him at the moment vs a friend. My middle has gone come one his junior and an elderly years with his girl friend as part of a larger group. He had fun and doesn’t regret. I certainly wouldn’t encourage anyone to go just to say they went though. I forbid mine daughter to go her freshman and sophmore year - the freshman that acquire invites additionally get reputations in our city!

I did no go to my prom; no did mine husband. We are no worse off for not having gone!

Our D didn’t have actually a date, yet she went through a group of friends, and also she basically believed it was type of a garbage of time and also money.

Our S was stressed since he didn’t want to walk to his prom, however everyone was trying come tell the he would regret that if he no go. H and I told that that we didn’t go, and also he chose he didn’t need to go … and also 7 years later, that still does not regret his decision.

It’s just a dance. Over there is several life the will happen to girlfriend in the years ahead, and prom will be a tiny drop in the bucket the is life.

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Mom: Oh, I hate it.

Oops. As well late to correct, yet meant ate, not hate.


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Greek Wedding 2? Anyone? yet when girlfriend see big Fat Greek Wedding 2, it appears so idyllic. It’s a one-of-a-kind time. Carpe Diem…you will not happen this way again.

I didn’t walk to prom. It wasn’t my type of thing and also I absolutely don’t regret it. I think a bunch that us had an alternate ‘prom’ and played D and also D every night; that was our idea the a fun time.

“My inquiry is this: perform you remorse over no going to senior Prom?”

I did no go to an elderly prom. I have actually never regret it, nor even thought around it.

I went, but I had to accurate sit here and think because that a few minutes about who i went with. Huge impact the made.

It only feels favor a huge deal at the time. Once you graduate and move on, that irrelevant. IMO.

At my high school, just “dating couples” saw dances. I had actually a pair sister who always had a boyfriend throughout high school–she went to nearly every dance while I continued to be home. ( i really no mind. I’m an introvert, not much of a dancer, hate crowds, so it never ever seemed the appealing.) Vague memory of gift asked come a army ball in college, however the guy was as well wild and also crazy for me, so I said no. And I when (under press from roommates) request a man to a dorm officially in college, and also he stated no–which was a relief, tbh.Of my 6 siblings, i think just 2 saw prom. Mine H. Otoh, was Mr. Rent-a Date, and went to several proms at his school and others. (Sorting with boxes ~ his parental died, H found some the his HS dance photos–one of them he said he didn’t also remember that the girl to be or what college it to be at.) His own senior prom to be cancelled because of a dispute about what band(type of music) come have.I have actually 3 sons and 2 daughters who have gone through high school so far. The 2 girl both walk to an elderly prom–both with groups, one through a day within a group. Both groups had much more girls 보다 guys. One D checked out junior prom with a big group of girls/no guys. One son went to an elderly prom due to the fact that he and also a junior girl (who were simply friends) both want to go v a group of choir/theater children who were every going together couples, for this reason they i agreeed to go together. Ns like exactly how my kids’ college does prom. Anyone deserve to go, and most go v groups. Regrettably there are many an ext girls who desire to go than guys. Sometimes I’ve wondered wherein all the men are, but I think that girls this age are just much more mature than the guys and an ext interested in dating/dressing up/dances, etc. The guys seem younger, numerous still want to hang out v their male friends. 2 of mine sons did not go, had no attention at all.OP, you space brave for at least asking. There has obtained to be a girl who wants to go through a day who hasn’t to be asked. That is sad–my neighbor’s D did not go, and she was yes, really hoping to it is in asked her senior year. She is a nice, and really attractive girl! So plenty of guys room sitting at home. . . My D went with her boyfriend, and also she claimed she had actually a better time critical year through her team of girlfriends! (bf has actually social anxiety). Quite photos, though.But truly not anything you will think around missing the end on years later if you nothing go.

I checked out mine and also thought it to be dull. I could have skipped it. You won’t be missing anything if your school is a tool to big high college where you don’t really understand everyone in her class. OTOH, if she in a tiny high school, whereby most people are friends or at least not enemies, it might be a great idea to walk solo. My daughter did the her small year (she’d just broken up with her BF) and also had a good time. Walking solo or in a team was an extremely normal because that their little high school. Both children had days their senior year, however went in a group.

BTW, i told my youngsters they were intended to say yes if anyone had actually the courage to ask them to prom, unless the human being asking was a serial killer or rapist or some type of jerk. That takes organs to placed yourself ~ above the line the way, and shame ~ above those girl for not respecting you. You sound favor a an excellent guy and in a couple of years, even if it is or not you saw prom will mean nothing come you.

Neither among my boy went no one cared a thing around it (both to be homeschooling, though one of our groups did a prom). They have seen cousins/friends go, etc. Tho no issue or FOMO as far as I have the right to tell.

I didn’t walk to prom. My dad to be upset that i wasn’t going and also tried to force me come ask a guy I knew a couple of year older to go through me. Ns refused. I regretted no going in ~ the time since it was just one of plenty of unhappy society experiences because that me throughout high school–not due to the fact that I really believed the experience itself would be great.

My D did go together with a pair whom she knew well from an EC. She finished up having actually a an excellent time because a guy she’d known because kindergarten go too. That asked she to dance every quick dance. They had actually a most fun. One of her classmates that went through a date actually told she she to be jealous because her date was only willing to dance a couple of dances and later tried to “paw” her.

So, if it doesn’t price a fortune…I’d introduce you walk if walk alone is socially acceptable at your school. There are practically always an ext girls who go alone than males who go alone, and also I’m sure few of the girl there will certainly be happy you went if you pay any type of attention come them.

One thing…do you really not prefer to dance—or do simply feel awkward due to the fact that you don’t really understand how? If the the latter, walk on youtube and also search because that dance measures for beginners. Do what mine D’s girlfriend did—just questioning the girl to fast dance and don’t grind.

Our D went to JR prom and also the HS’s SR prom ~ she to be no longer in HS (having been asked to leave after JR year). She went with a day in a huge group the friends wherein everyone got along—all the guys and girls in the large group. They had an all girls sleepover afterwards. I think they had a quite time.

S did no go to any type of proms. He was a bit sad about it at the time but ended up being too ill anyway (due to chronic clinical issues), so we and he were relieved the didn’t have to pressure himself come attend since he had actually a date even tho his body required to it is in in bed. His design college had proms and balls, however to the ideal of my understanding he never attended any kind of there either. He’s never expressed any regrets.

H never went to proms and I did attend several. Both of us space OK with just how things worked out and have actually no regrets.

I flourished up in a strict church and also was not allowed to dance. Once I to be a senior, my parents paid because that my boyfriend and me come go out to a an extremely nice restaurant and a display afterwards. Ns did regret not going at the time, yet I know my parents were doing what they thought was right.

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In college, lock knew I went to my dorm’s formal dances, however I guess: v they thought I simply sat and watched everybody, ha.