Kanye did it, Jay-Z did it twice (“I Made It” off of Kingdom Come), and also now Mac has actually done it – a song dedicated to his dear mommy.My mommy and I have been through a lot of… Read More 

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Sunshine or rain (Uh-huh, like), I'll be tbelow (I understand you feel me)For the excellent times or poor, I'll be tbelow (I'll be there)Sunshine or rain (Uh-huh), I'll be there (That's exactly how it's always gon' be)For the great times or negative (That's just how it's always gon' be), I'll be thereHey, heySee, I was six years old via a dreamWhen my moms told me I might perform anythingSaid she'd be tbelow forever before, no issue what's the weatherShe'd constantly have actually my earlier even when we weren't togetherAnd I took her for granted, assumed I had actually a planThis a different generation, I don't think you'd understandIn the quest to be a male, you begin to learn you need your familyIt wasn't for them, I'd be way closer to insanityIt ain't around the vanity, think around what's importantThe factor I was six years old rockin' some JordansThe reason I had actually food, my own damn roomA TV in the livin' room to watch my cartoonsI just hope she know I love her, the world's best motherYeah, it ain't fair, so I'ma take care of her in her gray hairWhen I acquire wealthy, I'll have her livin' choose she must beNo stress and anxiety, no problems, you deserve to contact me 'cause it's...Sunshine or rain (Uh-huh), I'll be tright here (I understand you feel me)For the great times or bad (I know you feel me like), I'll be tbelow (Hey, hey)Sunshine or rain, I'll be there (That's exactly how it's constantly gon' be)For the good times or negative (That's how it's constantly gon' be), I'll be there

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Hey, hey, heyDear momma, please don't start to cryYou the factor I'm alive, exactly how these years have gone byYou were tright here when I was on my first bike rideRidin' in the street and that delivery truck almost ran best over meYou were at my games once I was sittin' on the benchAnd as soon as I skipped institution, you lie and also say that I was residence sickHad my back prior to I had my ownI understand I'm always welcome once I'm ago at homeI just want to lug you out on stage to acquire a standin' ovationAll the occupational you did to make my life feel like a vacationIf you have actually your moms, you better treat her rightCall her up, say "Wassup?" prior to you sleep tonightTell her you love her and give thanks to her for what she didYou might be grown currently, yet remember bein' a kidWhen she fed you in a bib, shit, you were her babySo find out what she doin' latelyUh, I wanna tell you, momma…Sunshine or rain, I'll be thereFor the great times or poor, I'll be there (I understand you feel me)Sunshine or rain, I'll be there(Haha, what's up, Mom? You didn't think I was gonna make a song for you, did you?)For the good times or negative, I'll be there