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Jennifur SunBrian from Canada they can indeed Funks were the ideal BAND ever before for me.Count Von Werner from DetroitIt to be amazing cultivation up in Detroit v this music saturating ours culture. Rosalie Trombley, regime director that CKLW in Windsor Ontario, right across the Detroit River and also aiming their transmitter towers best at Detroit, love the Motown sound, and "race records" ended up being "pop records" in document stores because she play it alongside every the various other Top 40 hits. Walk anyone realize the race barriers broken by Barry Gordy and the music created at Hitsville USA (aka Motown Records)?Jerry indigenous Dunreith, InWas residence on leaving from Vietnam, then off to naval Barracks, Pearl Harbor, hello for duty....Semper FiJennifur sun from RamonaLOVED that honking sax in the elevator of this song.Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn respectable 20th 1966, the Temptations perform "Ain"t also Proud come Beg" top top the late prick Clark"s American Bandstand...Three months earlier on might 22nd, 1967 it gotten in Billboard"s warm Top 100 graph at position #67; and on July 10th, 1966 the peaked in ~ #13 for 1 week and also spent 13 main on the top 100... And also on June 19th, 1966 it got to #1 for 8 non-consecutive weeks ~ above Billboard"s R&B chart between its fourth & fifth week at #1 "Let"s Go acquire Stoned" by ray Charles remained in the top spot...It to be the an initial Temp record created by Norman Whitfield, and also their next release, "Beauty Is just Skin Deep", would also peak in ~ #1 ~ above the R&B graph #3 top top the peak 100.Kristin indigenous Bessemer, AlPortions the this track are offered in the B-52"s 1989 song "Love Shack".Stefanie from rock Hill, ScThe bass player you"re refering to to be James JamersonBrian native Sydney, CanadaThe Funk Brothers might really play. They play on so many hit records that came from Motown the is staggering! They to be a group of talented, i was sure musicians who were as tight as any type of band out there. They inspired the ideal of the finest such together The Beatles and also The rolling Stones. Gift such great musicians themselves they well-known the beautiful music this unknown "studio band" was making in Detroit. McCartney often cited the base in the Motown sound together being his best musical eye-opener. That knew that the Motown player (name please??), Brian Wilson (Beach Boys) and himself to be alwys act knew points with the Bass-one in London, one in LA and one in Detroit-cool huh? great band and also made those Motown sounds some of the greatest.Jay from Brooklyn, Ny"Ain"t" might be negative grammar, but it is the appropriate word come use. "I am Not too Proud come Beg" would not have had the very same feel or the exact same heart.Jay indigenous Brooklyn, NyThis is just one of the greatest songs also written. It have to never be rerecorded due to the fact that no one can possibly sing it better than David Ruffin.Scott native St. Louis, MoUsed prominently in "The huge Chill."Pete indigenous Nowra, Australiathis track was used in a tv advertising in Australia...think it to be for a bathroom productTom from brand-new York, NyTruly a great song.see more comments
SingEd Sheeran

"Sing" was motivated by a girl the Ed Sheeran met in las Vegas in the summer of 2013, as soon as "one thing led to another and now she"s kissing my mouth."


Adele isn"t a ghost once she sings, "Hello indigenous the other side" - it method the "other side of ending up being an adult."

Lust because that LifeIggy popular music

Iggy Pop composed "Lust for Life" through David Bowie, that came up v the music ~ above a ukulele.

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flexibility "90George Michael

Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, Linda Evangelista, Christy Turlington and also Tatjana Patitz lip-synched George Michael"s text in his "Freedom "90" video.

black StarAvril Lavigne

Avril Lavigne has a perfume named after her tune "Black Star." it smells much much better than she Sk8er Boi scent, which reeks the Axe body spray and road grime.

Hash PipeWeezer

MTV want Weezer to record a version of their tune "Hash Pipe" as "Half Pipe" come appeal come the skateboarding crowd. The band refused, and also MTV noted the tune as "H*** Pipe."

Songs about MoviesSong creating

Iron Maiden, Adele, Toto, Eminem and Earth, Wind & Fire are just some the the artists through songs directly inspired by movie - and also not always good ones.

coin Ford of Snap!Songwriter Interviews

The original voice of Snap! this story is filled with angry drag queens, video impersonators and also Chaka Khan.

Mike Love that The coast BoysSongwriter Interviews

The command singer/lyricist that The Beach guys talks around coming up v the words because that "Good Vibrations," "Fun, Fun, Fun," "Kokomo" and also other standard songs.

tiny RichardFact or Fiction

Was lengthy Tall Sally a cross-dresser? Did he really collection his piano ~ above fire? view if you recognize the actual stories about one of rock"s biggest innovators.

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Yacht rock QuizFact or Fiction

Christopher Cross through Deep Purple? Kenny Loggins in Caddyshack? A reality or Fiction all about yacht rock and also those that made it.

Kip WingerSongwriter Interviews

The Winger frontman expose the Led Zeppelin tune he cribbed because that "Seventeen," and also explains exactly how his enthusiasm for orchestra music notifies his songwriting.