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how glad a million laddiesFrom millionaires come caddiesWould be to capture me !But you had actually such persitence,You wore down my resistance :I fell, and it to be swellYou"re my big and brave and handsome RomeoHow ns won you, i shall never, never knowIt"s not that you"re attractiveBut, oh, mine heart grew activeWhen girlfriend came into view.I"ve obtained a to like on you, Sweetie pie.All the day and also night-time, listen me sighI never had actually the least notionThat I could fall through so lot emotionCould friend coo?Could friend careFor a shrewd cottage we might share?The human being will pardon mine mush"Cause ns have gained a crush, my baby, on youCould you coo?Could girlfriend careFor a shrewd cottage we could share?Your mush I never ever shall shush,"Cause ns have obtained a crush, my baby, on friend
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