You never recognize who you could run right into at the gym, especially when the movie crew indigenous the sidesplitting reality TV show, I acquire That a Lot, transforms up. The is what happened freshly when Aaron Rodgers the the environment-friendly Bay Packers posed as an employee the Chuze Fitness to check out how plenty of gym members recognized <…>

You never understand who you can run right into at the gym, particularly when the movie crew from the sidesplitting truth TV show, I acquire That a Lot, turns up. The is what happened newly when Aaron Rodgers that the green Bay Packers posed together an employee of Chuze Fitness to see how plenty of gym members known the football star off the field.

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In instance you are unfamiliar v the show, it is one occasional series that runs on CBS. Each episode features several well-known celebrities posing in working-class jobs. In the very first episode, because that example, rapper and also actor Ice-T posed together a shoe salesman, while nation music singer LeAnn Rimes waited top top tables. Surprise cameras are put to capture the reactions of customers. Once the celebs room recognized, they claim to be merely look-a-likes and also pass it off by saying, “I get that a lot.” in ~ the finish of the segment, castle confess their true identities and also reveal the hidden cameras.

As you have the right to imagine, this leader to part hilarious situations. Because the show started in 2009, there have actually been five episodes, each providing us some an excellent laughs as we watch the celebrities try to happen themselves off in day-to-day occupations and also convince strangers the they space anyone yet themselves. The last illustration aired in 2013, however CBS has recently aired a new one, consisting of a segment shot in Chuze Fitness featuring Aaron Rodgers. You can watch the full video here.

Rodgers is right now the starting quarterback for the eco-friendly Bay Packers. The is well-known for being one of the many accurate quarterbacks ever to beat in the NFL, v the highest career regular-season passer rating. In the 2011 season, he collection the document for regular-season passer rating in a single season with a rating that 122.5.

He very first came come the public’s attention once playing college football for the university of California’s golden Bears. After leading them come a height ten ranking in 2004, he was selected in the an initial round the the NFL breeze by the green Bay Packers. Initially, Rodgers was a backup quarterback to the renowned Brett Favre, till 2008 once his chance involved move right into the starting quarterback position. He definitely did not waste the opportunity and just two years later Rodgers led his team to win in Super bowl XLV. That was even named the Super key MVP. That was additionally voted the NFL’s Most an useful Player because that both the 2011 and 2014 seasons.

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With a career choose that, the is clear to check out why his could be a fairly recognizable confront for anyone who knows football. So, once he dons the uniform the an typical Chuze fitness employee and steps behind the counter, the results are sure to be hilarious. Will the Chuze members who recognize this NFL superstar it is in fooled through this harmless, however hilarious, celebrity prank or will certainly they contact his bluff? Be sure to watch the illustration of I gain That a Lot to discover out.