Pro wrestling deserve to be a funny place. In one segment you can have a good grappling performance, in another, you can have very offensive portrayal the a Japanese team cutting off an additional man’s genitals. Such to be the instance many years earlier when dick Togo and Kaientai walk their infamous “choppy choppy her pee pee” segment through Val Venis in WWE.

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In existing day, new Japan agree Wrestling star Juice Robinson isn’t about to permit that occur to him. Togo is currently a member of bullet Club and also the manager the EVIL. Complying with Robinson’s enhance with angry at the tenth job of the G1 orgasm 30 tournament, he had actually this come say, courtesy that Fightful:

“Everything is evil, huh EVIL? I have actually news for you, everything aint evil. Puppies aren’t evil. Rainbows aren’t evil. Sunshine and also daises. Ns aint evil. I’m a sweet boy, friend know. You’re evil, EVIL. Dick Togo is angry too. Well, Dick, this aint 1998 and also this aint WWF and I aint Val Venis! i don’t watch Yamaguchi-San or everyone else out there. Girlfriend aint choppy choppy mine pee pee, alright? You have the right to look, yet you can’t touch. Tiny Juice and also the twins currently belong to somebody, alright, hot boys? You witnessed it, the hit me in mine penis.”

I guess we should’ve supposed Juice come eventually reduced a promo about his penis, through bonus WWF perspective Era deep cuts and a shout-out come Toni Storm

— super J-Cast (
thesuperjcast) October 7, 2020

EVIL to be able to gain the victory over Robinson through some assist from Togo. This lugged both men’s documents to 3-2-0 with 6 points in the B Block the the G1 Climax.

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