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This is Missouri’s largest drive-in through four huge screens showing double features ~ above each and also an all at once capacity of 1,200 cars. It opened up as a single screen ~ above July 22, 1964 with Frank Sinatra in “Robin and also the 7 Hoods”, Don Knotts in “The significant Mr. Limpet” & Anthony Perkins in “Tall Story”. Screens 2, 3 & 4 opened up on in march 29, 1991.

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Their neon marquee is a scaled down replica of the renowned St. Luigi Gateway Arch and is one of the good drive-in marquees.

Management there has a great thing going and also despite the expansion, makes an initiative to mental the tiny things that aid to inject and maintain the nostalgic flavor ranging from screening standard intermission trailers to playing vintage field tunes. They quiet have classic speakers as an choice to audio noted by FM broadcast. It was closed by B & B Theatres in 2018.

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MichaelKilgore on April 14, 2017 at 1:40 pm

When did the I-70 separation from one screen to four? It had actually to be prior to summer 1992, since that’s once I saw A league of Their very own there (in the rain). The 1988 IMPA still provided it together one screen, for what that’s worth.



terrywade on September 10, 2018 in ~ 8:53 to be

You would certainly think the human being that lease the land would have had actually a close up door week big movie occasion party to send the 1 70 off! not so they simply closed the place and the bulldozers will certainly be coming in.


Tp on September 15, 2018 in ~ 12:21 pm

Say its not so. The I-70 currently becomes the 19th out of 21 drive -Ins in Kansas City subway area to close and the largest in KC and also within the Midwest.

Tp ~ above October 24, 2018 in ~ 11:27 am

3 that the screens have been removed and now are on there means upto Omaha who will be gaining a brand-new Drive In Theater

davidcoppock on October 25, 2018 at 6:20 am

Opened with “Robin and also the 7 hoods”, and also “The Increbible grandfather Limpet” and also “Tall story”. Displays 2, 3 and also 4 opened in 1991. Playground eliminated in 1991. Digital projection opened on all 4 displays in 2014.

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Tp top top December 8, 2018 in ~ 1:39 am

The brand-new Drive In increase in Nebraska whereby 3 of the displays will be in usage for 2019 Is referred to as Quasar journey In its on Facebook

Tp on June 5, 2020 in ~ 6:32 afternoon

September5,2018 The I-70 closed and at the time I believed like lot of other people it to be for good. I even said it to be dead and also buried. The projectors all 4 were taken out who knows what had happen to every 4. 3 that the displays are currently up in sink Nebraska. At new DRIVE IN called Quasar drive In Theater. What remains the huge main screen. The old ticket booths and also concession stand still remains. The authorize is still over there most world call that the marque. Execute to recent occasions I am now upgrading the from dead and also buried to now where it is on LIFE SUPPORT here IS WHY. 1. COVID 19 THE CHINESE VIRUS i AM watch ON NEWS networks HOW at home THEATERS space RENTING THESE blow up SCREENS and also HAVING reflects OUTSIDE. 2. AMC THEATERS simply SAID this particular day THEY have actually LOST end 2 BILLION and also MAY NOT endure THE society DISTANCING. Now I GREWUP IN ST JOSEPH MO THEY had UPTO 2 journey IN THEATERS increase THERE and IM sure THEY had actually A LOT much more DRIVE IN theatre IN various other STATES i BET currently AMC THEATERS management WISH THEY had actually KEPT every THESE journey IN theaters NOW. Simply LAST week I checked out THE twin DRIVE IN theatre THEY WERE only CHARGING 20 A automobile LOAD obtained MY TICKETS early LINE the DAY. THEY were PACKED to THE MAX and also EVEN turning PEOPLE far WHO had NO TICKETS. 3.I discovered OUT the NIGHT the YELLOW FREIGHT DID no BY THE LAND. IF THE current OWNER WHO ever IT IS willing TO sale THE soil I might SEE SOMEONE lug THE I-70 journey IN back TO LIFE lets HOPE THIS HAPPENS

rivest266 on October 16, 2020 in ~ 2:46 afternoon

Reopened with 4 display screens on in march 29th, 1991. Grand opening advertisement posted.

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