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HEF: Hugh Hefner looked frail in the last picture of him lively (Image: TWITTER/MARSTON HEFNER)

The Playboy founder – who passed away last night age 91 – was pictured by his boy Marston last month.

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Hef was playing backgammon through Marston, 27, Hef’s very first son David and their sister Christine.

The publisher and businessman showed up to be wearing pyjamas – which hang off his slim frame.


FAMILY TIME: Hugh Hefner was surrounded by his family (Image: TWITTER/MARSTON HEFNER)

The dad-of-four – who died of natural reasons – is recognized to have been suffering from a bad back before he died.

Nevertheless, he still has actually a cheeky smile and also twinkle in his eye in the picture.

Although the pyjamas do Hef watch old, the initial playboy was regularly pictured in a bathrobe throughout his life.

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In among the snaps, he has what looks a whisky and also surfacetoairnewyork.comke to hand – arguing he still knew how to party.

Marston – Hef’s very first son through Playmate Kimberley surfacetoairnewyork.comnrad – captioned one of the images: “Backgammon through brother, sister, and also dad.”

With another one the writes: “The backgammon crew for years and also years and years.”


PLAYMATE: Hugh Hefner play backgammon with his kid David (Image: TWITTER/MARSTON HEFNER)

Hef is thought to have gone hearing deactivated after utilizing so lot Viagra.

Back in April, his son surfacetoairnewyork.comoper said: “I think since he has actually stepped ago from the day come day operations of the business, civilization have assumed that his wellness was not really good.

"The fact is he has a really negative back—that happens as soon as you're 90—and he is enjoy it life in ~ the mansion."

LAST YEAR: Hugh Hefner through 2016 Playmate of the Year Eugena Washington (Image: GETTY)

Hefner to be married to crystal Harris – who was 60 years his junior.

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But the model won’t gain much that his $43million fortune together she signed a prenuptial agreement prior to their 2012 marriage.


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