This document pertains to and also Compaq All-in-One computers that usage an AC strength adapter and also power cable combination.

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Follow the steps of this record if your All-in-One computer does no power on, the strength LED is off, over there is no pan noise or beep tone, or if the computer does no respond as soon as pressing the power button.
The cause of the absence of power can be a defective AC adapter, power cable, or a defective component on the device board the the computer. Use the info in this record to recognize the reason of the power problem.
Many startup errors and also other problems can be addressed by diminish the lot of strength stored in hardware components. Decreasing stored power is sometimes referred to together a hard reset. Use the complying with steps to perform a tough reset on your computer:
Disconnect the AC adapter, power cord, and also all linked devices indigenous the computer. This has removing thumb drives and also camera-type storage cards indigenous card reader slots.
If the computer system is on, press and hold the power switch on the computer until the computer shuts off.
With the power off and also the AC adapter and also power cord disconnected, push the power button on the computer system for 15 seconds. The power light indicator top top or close to the power switch might revolve on briefly yet then walk out.
Confirm the the AC strength adapter is a actual part. Execute not usage a AC power adapter on an computer.

For best performance, use just the strength adapter the came v the computer and also configure the power administration settings for optimal performance based on your usage habits.


When utilizing a power adapter that has actually a lower wattage 보다 the computer requires, there might be part trade-offs. The CPU clock rate can be reduced to conserve power, i beg your pardon can cause programs to run slower, or the strength adapter chin might become warm come the touch.
Verify that the AC adapter is not damaged and also is linked correctly to a working wall surface outlet. Verify AC strength is connected to the device board by examining the AC adapter, wiring, and also pin connection for damage.
Damaged components, prefer the AC adapter or the pin in the power connector, might require an repair.


Check the AC power is associated to the mechanism board effectively by examining the AC adapter connector top top the earlier of the computer. Sometimes the power adapter plug is misaligned as result of the push of various other cables.
To verify the the wall surface outlet is working, plug the AC adapter straight to a wall outlet. Do not plug into a strength strip, surge protector, or a an additional power source.
Unplug the AC Adapter native the wall surface outlet and plug in a small lamp or other an equipment that you recognize is working.
If any type of of the wall surface outlets space not providing power, check the lamp or other an equipment on a different wall outlet.

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If girlfriend have accessibility to a various AC adapter or power fill that is designed because that the computer, connect it come the computer system and shot to start the computer. If you own or have accessibility to an ext than one computer, verify that you space using the adapter that belongs to the computer.
Using a strength adapter that does not satisfy the power needs or has the wrong kind of connector can damage the computer.
Immediately push the F2 vital repeatedly, about once every second, until the computer Hardware Diagnostics UEFI display screen displays.
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