" remanufactured 51640A black inkjet cartridges are price saving options to initial HP 40 cartridges. Refurbished to perfection, ours remanufactured 51640A pigment-based ink cartridges space 100% guarantee to publish beautiful, vivid images or archival quality. These cartridges are not remanufactured through HP. Remanufactured using both OEM and also non-OEM parts.

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More InformationProduct TypeOEM NumberPage YieldShelf LifeBrand NameInk ColorPrinter BrandCartridge yield Type
Ink Cartridge
12-18 Months
Standard Yield
*Average cartridge page yield in accordance v ISO-19752.


Cartridge TypesPriceQuality

Name Brand (OEM) CartridgeOEM means original equipment manufacturer, definition the cartridge was made by the samecompany the made your printer. Surname brand cartridges are designed to occupational with specificprinters and are sometimes the only option if your press is brand-new or uncommon.Many printer manufacturers monitor the razor-and-blades service model, selling their printers forcheap while noting up the expense of their cartridges, which frequently results in higher priced ink.Name brand cartridges work exceptionally well and also are extended under a warranty by the printermanufacturer.

LD-Brand Compatible CartridgeA compatible cartridge is a brand brand-new printer cartridge constructed by a manufacturer other than yourprinter. It’s choose buying the generic variation of the actual brand. Many are designed slightlydifferent indigenous the surname brand but they will certainly still right in your an equipment and print a complete yield, justlike the OEM.
Compatible ink is lot cheaper than the name brand. Compatible carriers don’t have actually to worry aboutthe additional costs the hinder OEMs like brand-new printers or firmware, which allows them save prices low.

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Premium compatible cartridges indigenous LD products match the quality and output the the name brand forless and also are donate by a life time guarantee.